Monday, 18 June 2012

Vacation time

Taking a blog break because I'm off to France, land of croissants, baguettes, sweet treats galore and wine. And of course my fave meringues!

Temptations will certainly cross my path but I'm hoping to make the right choices most of the time to keep on track. Wish me luck!  I hoping that we can do a lot of shopping at farmer's markets rather than eating quick bread n' cheese meals. Looking forward to the people we'll and the fun times we'll have!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Like mother, like daughter

This past weekend, I went to visit my parents. I missed seeing them on the May long-weekend due to recovering from the flu. Spending time with them is always a good experience, although they are less active these days than in the past. My mother and I went clothes shopping because very few of our summer clothes fit (too big, hurrah for us!).  My mom is also trying to lose -- she's about 40lbs overweight. In certain lights, we could be carbon-copies of one another.

In one particular store, I became more frustrated with sizing for a certain brand line. A size 18 in a jean was too big, but a size 18 in a short was too small, and a size 14 capri was just right?!  My mother found the same craziness too with the tops.  We decided to take a break at the old Tim Hortons.

As our conversation progressed over Iced Capps and splitting a Honey Glazed, the topic turned to eating habits. She blamed herself for my weight gain."You learned about this from me, by watching me turning to food for comfort when your father wasn't around." But as I told her, I wasn't a fat child, I loved running around and playing until the street light went on in the evening and it was time to get home. My weight gain is something that began in my 20s and has continued on and off since then. "It's me not making the right choices Mom. Sure I turned to food instead of facing things and taking action, because it's so easy."

A lot of adults blame their parents for their poor upbringing or parenting skills, sometimes justifiably so, but at a certain point you have to take responsibility for your own actions. Know it and own it.

Keepin' it real food-wise: Average calories per day 1600-1900
Exercise: Lazy bonededness as in working out twice per week.
Goals for the next week: Getting to bed early! Exercise more!