Sunday, 18 October 2020

Didn't Fall off the Wagon

Meant to update a bit more frequently, but... eh. Weight-wise, things are still slow and pokey, like some kind of turtle. I'm bouncing between 188 and 191lbs depending on the day. So far, 1 1/2 inch off my waist, and 1 inch off the hips. 

I did hurt my knee stumbling down the stairs last month, so that has slowed my exercise goals. Since I'm mostly working from home during my work week, I need to walk briskly about 45 minutes to an hour in the morning before work, and another 45 minutes to an hour after work. Add in working out with weights three times a week for 20-30 minutes and rotating those workouts. Yeah... I know that's a lot of time to spend on exercise, but that (in combo with a good diet) seems to make me feel good right now. 

Had a follow-up with my nutritionist to see if those tweaks helped, and it looks like they have. But, there is a possible issue, in part with nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes) which might have been causing my eczema, so they are off my menu for a while. Guess what my fave veggies are? lol. 
Otherwise, I don't seem to be craving chips, cheezies, chocolate bars even though those big boxes of Halloween candy are on sale here. Good thing there is no Trader Joe's here in Canada because those Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups could be too tempting!!

Was able to see my Mom for Thanksgiving, and that was wonderful. She is doing well enough, but is finding it hard not being able to be more social. She still is, but keeps her circle small. She is a card shark, and playing bridge with her friends and others was a good way to keep her mind sharp. She really misses that. But the other women bridge players aren't so careful with the new physical distancing and hand washing rules... so she says she cant trust them. She tried online bridge, but it's not the same kind of fun she says.

Work is stressful. We've a complete and utter slacker on the team, and the rest of us have to shoulder the work he is not doing. He's simply a con-artist. He's been able to fool the boss for months and months now, even though the team has been waving red flags. Hope this issue gets resolved soon now that the higher-ups are aware.

Covid-19 has made a return in these parts. Two weeks after school started, the cases started to soar. Even though most of the new cases were not happening from restaurants, gyms and theatres, those are now closed, and restos can only offer take-out. They might re-open next month. Hopefully the government will come to its senses on this one. Most of the new cases are happening to people in the 20-60 age range because of get-togethers at home.

Meanwhile, to keep my mind off of negative stuff, I keep looking for fun music to listen to taking those walks. Gotta say Lizzo fills the bill! Here's her hit from last year:

Tuesday, 1 September 2020


My nutritionist is on the case and tweaking my food plan. I want to try a plant-based diet to see how I feel, and to see if it will help with my latest bout of eczema. I'm so itchy and have welts in a few places, and is especially bothersome around my eyelids. It's like I need a 'cone of shame' to stop from itching my head and face. I've got creams and pills, but they didn't seem to work all that much.  Anyway I'm glad I pay the nutritionist make me a plan and to factor in my needs because of my kidney issues. I tried to figure it out myself, but Dr Google let me down, lol.

Otherwise things are going fair to middling. I'm moving everyday at least 30 minutes--could do better and bump it up to an hour or more. I did a bunch of squats as part of a workout last week and could barely move the next day. My hamstrings burned! Just goes to show me I have lots of improvements to make.

Being back in my office part-time is trippy. Not everyone is back and the building management's rules keep changing.  Plus it is busy, so I'm not there cleaning lint out of my belly button. I dunno, that and my commute is stressful, but I'm just trying to go with the flow by keeping my head above water. Doing my best, and keeping my mask on. Pockets of outbreaks are happening randomly so there is no predicting anything around here.

I take a reading break at lunchtime and read at least one thing on health or fitness to keep me motivated. Lately it's been a chapter of a Jillian Michaels book. I step away from the computer and just sit at the kitchen table (at home) or my desk (at  work) and take the time to enjoy my food and then read my book. I am trying to eat my food more slowly, but stress-eating! Sigh. 

Was able to have a picnic with friends, including one who had weight loss surgery. She is doing well and is no longer diabetic, which is great! She still measures her blood sugar, not out of habit but to make sure it doesn't go too low. Loose skin (abdomen, arms, thighs, neck) is becoming an issue, but she says she'll wait another few years to deal with it since it is expensive surgery. She says she still has some issues with food--ice cream in particular, but she physically can't binge so she deals with her problems and feeling, rather shoving them down with food. It was great to see her and my friends in person rather than talking through the phone or Skype.

Weight is super-slow coming off, but a little but less than last time: 193.1 lbs.

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Where's that "Whoosh"?

Been working my plan, and the results are slow coming in. I expected a great "whoosh" of weight falling off, but nope, that's not what's happening right now. I'll give it a couple more weeks then re-evaluate. I think this coming week, as I'm back to work in the workplace and not working at home, I'll see more changes as I get more movement throughout the day. Working from home has been super-challenging, even with using a timer to make sure I get up from my desk!

I'm feeling some stress before heading back into the office this week: lots of new rules are now in place. How to correctly enter and exit the building, how to circulate through the building, washrooms, and an implicit ban on socializing. In the "before times", I'd stop at people's desk to chit-chat, ask how things are going, but now we've been told to "stay at your desk as much as possible". Use of the kitchens are being discouraged--even though there just a couple of microwaves, a big fridge, and a kettle. At least it's summertime, so a packed lunch can be my norm--salad or sandwich and veggies. No more stinky items like fish nor devilled eggs that I used to make for my lunch, ha ha! 

The commute is another stressor--the buses have been reduced and schedules changes. No speedy buses to get me in and out of the downtown, but lots of "milk runs". Sigh. Thought about riding my bicycle into work, but there are no showers. I get into a muck sweat no matter the time of year when riding an hour or so. My friend told me her work has closed off their showers and change rooms as budgets are tight, and those facilities would require lots of deep cleaning. 
Anyway, we'll see how goes. 

Weight is 194.3 lbs. 

For inspiration, I'm still reading through the health, fitness, and weight-loss books I've got in my collection. Jillian Michaels is what's on my nightstand at the moment. My e-Reader has some fiction and biographies, so I'm enjoying Queenie by Candice Carty Williams and The Chiffon Trenches by André Leon Talley.

Music-wise I've been listening to a lot of fun tunes. Weird Al, and just stuff that makes me laugh and groove with big bass-lines while I move. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Drips and drabs

Scale is about the same this week, but I've lost an inch off my waist. Clothes are slightly looser. Things are headed in the right direction, so I'll keep on doing what I'm doing. I was looking for more weight off but I'm sure it'll happen next week.

Home-wise things are status quo: Still working from home. Trying to keep the clutter bugs at bay. The clutter bug is my own self who gets lazy and doesn't put things away!
I've been playing cards online with some friends--keeps the boredom of not being able to get-together at bay for the moment.

Food-wise: I've been pretty good at getting lots of veggies in, some fruit, protein has varied from fatty to lean. A bit too heavy on the processed carbs--pasta that is. Indulgences: One chocolate bar. 10 chips. That kept me from pigging out, whole hog style. 
Exercise-wise: Three one-hour workouts (cardio then body weight exercises), but could do more. Everyday is stretching of some kind. Walked for about an hour in the heat--was a bit too much. Went swimming in my friend's pool--lots of fun.

Health-wise: I've got some eczema that has cropped up--not sure if it's a food sensitivity or other allergy cropping up. Will see if it dies down, and if it doesn't will cut all all dairy, even my lactose-free milk for my morning coffee.

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Make the Connection

Years and years ago, I picked up Oprah Winfrey's and Bob Greene's book Make The Connection: Ten Steps To A Better Body And A Better Life and the accompanying A Journal of Daily Renewal.  I was sure I was going to lose the weight for good that time. And the time after that, and the time after that... Reading through my old entries in the journal really hit hard. I had logged my weight and measurements in there on the first day of restarts to only fail to follow through. It's been a cycle of ups and downs for so long. Lots of good intentions at the beginning, "Will make daily exercise part of my lifestyle!". Then quickly come excuses. Then, "There's always tomorrow" And then, "Ugh, why did I do this to myself, again".

Going back and looking at those entries, and the entries here on my blog, remembering those feelings and actions, and lack of follow-through on plans is probably the best thing I've done to keep myself on track this past week. 
At this point, I'm tired of this weight, and my body is too. 

One non-scale victory this week, at the last minute, my man asked if I wanted to go for a drive out to the country and see the Neowise comet. It was already 7 p.m., I had just finished working late on a report, and I hadn't yet exercised. I chose to exercise. I could have said, I'll do better tomorrow, but I've that to myself way too many times already. Although I missed a nice time (I've already seen a comet), I have no regrets about 30 minutes of cardio, and 30 minutes of yoga, and a wonderful shower afterwards.

Food-wise: Made a big pot of healthy chilli: some ground turkey and some beans, lots of veggies, lots of spice. No beer (my usual special ingredient). And no cheezies on the side. Ate small meals on plan.

Weight-wise: Scale is a couple of pounds down. 

After re-reading Oprah's book, some of the information is waaaaaaaaaay out of date, especially the recommendation of non-fat foods. She herself is now a member Weight Watchers and is/was a part owner. Bob Greene had his The Best Life Diet for a while, I remember seeing his sticker on a box of cereal a long time ago, but I have no idea what he is up to now.
But the nutrition aspect aside, the essentials remain. Examine your life, find out what your triggers for overeating actually are and deal with them. 
Get up,  focus,  do what it takes to be healthy every single day.

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Just Do Right

Still working from home, and counting my blessings that I have steady employment and income. Cases of Covid are still popping up in clusters here, like from people working in manufacturing/production, those getting together with people outside their "bubble", those hanging out at bars, and larger outbreaks in old age or nursing homes. I heard a couple of friends of friends passed away from it last month--both in their 30s and 40s, both in good health. This is so sad and so scary.

My stress levels have been high lately, mainly because when I have to go out for groceries or essentials, very few people are wearing masks indoors, and coughing like nothing is wrong. That will change soon when it becomes mandatory for those inside any building to be masked up. In many places, I've heard stories of non-compliance, conflict, and violence. Why not wear a mask if it can help protect someone else? I'm doing the right thing, but some simply don't give a flying *uck about others. A friend was espousing conspiracy theories, I told him I'm making him a tin foil hat/mask combo for his birthday--he was not amused. Another Covidiot added to the growing number.

Did I mention stress levels? Yeah. Also I'm pretty worried about my family members, and their health issues. And about going back into my workplace in a month or so. Some colleagues in adjacent sections have in the past have come in to work while sick because their manager hates to juggle who works on the front lines with the public. I'm hoping that manager has wised up?

What happens when stress is up, and I fall back on old coping mechanisms? Weight is up. 197.4 lbs, making it about a 15 lb gain. Why the gain... pretty simple really:
  • I've not been moving much at all.
  • I've binged on crap (chips and cheezies) to eat my feelings.
And I feel so much unhealthier, with an aching back and joints, and being out of breath doing easy tasks, like bringing up a basket of laundry up two flights of stairs. I even look different! My body literally is screaming at me to stop my behaviour. Now.

  • Mind:
    +Balance/Perspective: Once a week talking with a counselor over the phone to get help with coping with stress. Thankfully my work pays for some of the sessions.
    +Inspiration/Motivation: Reading a health or fitness book from my collection (Jillian Michaels, Tosca Reno, Dr. Yoni Freedhof, etc)
  • Body: Move intentionally 30 minutes per day to start back into a routine. Even if it's a Leslie Sansone Just Walk dvd!
  • Food: Stick to the food plan devised my nutritionist. It's full of great options and not terribly restrictive.
  • Water: Keep track of intake. It's been slipping downwards and that lack might contribute to feeling hungry when it's simple dehydration.
  • Accountability:
    +Bringing out my old Oprah Winfrey Make the Connection Journal of Daily Renewal and will fill pages from Day 10 to day 92.
    (I'll post the story of pages 1 to 9 next time)
    +Posting here weekly to update 

Getting inspiration in all aspects in my life from the late great Dr. Maya Angelou's wise words. Listen to her version of The Golden Rule, "Just Do Right".

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Been Staying the F*** Home

My job is one where working from home is mostly possible so I'm in my 3rd week of doing just that. Some of my tasks get put aside until we get back into the workplace. So far, schools are closed here until early May or longer--assuming about the same for my workplace? We'll see.

Our federal and provincial government has been quick to enforce a lot of hard rules. I'm surprised that some parks are closed. Since it's still cold here, we still have to bundle up for a walk around the neighbourhood. It's boring, but there's not too many other options. The price of gas is lowest its been in ages, but road tripping it is out of the question. Police are deployed on some roads discouraging travel.

I am worried about my mother, who has had one hospital visit last week for heart issues. She doesn't want anyone coming to stay with her at all at her apartment, and her doctor agrees. She does have a lot of support there and a legendary freezer and pantry stockpile, so that is a relief. I'm not stress eating too much, but I find it very hard getting into a new routine.

As for food, after an initial panic around here, things have calmed down quickly and the grocery stores are back to stocking toilet paper, and most everything else. They did put limits on some items since some people got into panic stockpiling mode. All stores close on Sundays and the store hours are shrinking, so it's getting harder to avoid people and stay six feet away.

My weight hasn't changed too much since I've been cutting down on calories knowing that I'm getting a lot less steps in. 

Also, I did get a phone call from my doctor to discuss some test results related to my kidneys. Upshot is I've got to lower my protein, sodium, potassium, and phosphorous. The wait list for a nutritionist/dietician to work out a meal plan is long, and at the moment not happening. Muddling as best as I can through this one. At least we have the interwebs with some good authoritative info out there.

Thankfully my Internet Service Provider took off the data caps and everyone has unlimited data for the March and April. Hello Netflix and AcornTv!!  Not going stir crazy just yet. :) 

Stay safe everyone.

Sunday, 8 March 2020

I'm Still Standing

January:  I was a plague-ridden mess! Some awful cold virus decided to set up a new home in my sinuses, and ears. It lasted a good five weeks. Five. I'd feel like crap for four days, then revive for a couple of days and get some stuff done, then crawl back under the covers with a hacking cough with mucus, and a big  box of tissues. The doctor swabbed my throat a couple of times of the course of the month to make sure it didn't turn into a bacterial infection. But I felt like I'd been hit with a ton of bricks.
Food: Appetite was less than usual. Soups. Whole wheat bread. Sometimes roast chicken and roast veggies. Lots and lots of tea.

Exercise: Huh. Nope!
Weight: Slid downwards into the 170s. This was not a good thing.

February: Since I missed so much work in January, February was catch-up month. BIG TIME STRESS!!! And with my big work project, due at the end of the month, I had missed some soft deadlines, and had tons of e-mails to send out.  Living out of a hotel for the last two weeks didn't help.
Food: Up and down. Some stress eating, then reigning it in.
Exercise: Every other morning for the first two weeks, I'd hit the eliptical. After work: only two cardio workouts--I felt as weak as a kitten! The other two weeks I was on the road working--so early meetings, and no time after work for the hotel exercise room.
Weight: Slid upwards at the end of the month.

Today: The big work project came to an end mid-week and I'm coming up for air. Routine: So glad to be back home and getting back to what works. A 30 minute workout in the morning, and making sure meals are planned and prepped in advance.

Weight: 182lbs, about the same as Christmastime. 

I'm still standing...