Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Been Staying the F*** Home

My job is one where working from home is mostly possible so I'm in my 3rd week of doing just that. Some of my tasks get put aside until we get back into the workplace. So far, schools are closed here until early May or longer--assuming about the same for my workplace? We'll see.

Our federal and provincial government has been quick to enforce a lot of hard rules. I'm surprised that some parks are closed. Since it's still cold here, we still have to bundle up for a walk around the neighbourhood. It's boring, but there's not too many other options. The price of gas is lowest its been in ages, but road tripping it is out of the question. Police are deployed on some roads discouraging travel.

I am worried about my mother, who has had one hospital visit last week for heart issues. She doesn't want anyone coming to stay with her at all at her apartment, and her doctor agrees. She does have a lot of support there and a legendary freezer and pantry stockpile, so that is a relief. I'm not stress eating too much, but I find it very hard getting into a new routine.

As for food, after an initial panic around here, things have calmed down quickly and the grocery stores are back to stocking toilet paper, and most everything else. They did put limits on some items since some people got into panic stockpiling mode. All stores close on Sundays and the store hours are shrinking, so it's getting harder to avoid people and stay six feet away.

My weight hasn't changed too much since I've been cutting down on calories knowing that I'm getting a lot less steps in. 

Also, I did get a phone call from my doctor to discuss some test results related to my kidneys. Upshot is I've got to lower my protein, sodium, potassium, and phosphorous. The wait list for a nutritionist/dietician to work out a meal plan is long, and at the moment not happening. Muddling as best as I can through this one. At least we have the interwebs with some good authoritative info out there.

Thankfully my Internet Service Provider took off the data caps and everyone has unlimited data for the March and April. Hello Netflix and AcornTv!!  Not going stir crazy just yet. :) 

Stay safe everyone.

Sunday, 8 March 2020

I'm Still Standing

January:  I was a plague-ridden mess! Some awful cold virus decided to set up a new home in my sinuses, and ears. It lasted a good five weeks. Five. I'd feel like crap for four days, then revive for a couple of days and get some stuff done, then crawl back under the covers with a hacking cough with mucus, and a big  box of tissues. The doctor swabbed my throat a couple of times of the course of the month to make sure it didn't turn into a bacterial infection. But I felt like I'd been hit with a ton of bricks.
Food: Appetite was less than usual. Soups. Whole wheat bread. Sometimes roast chicken and roast veggies. Lots and lots of tea.

Exercise: Huh. Nope!
Weight: Slid downwards into the 170s. This was not a good thing.

February: Since I missed so much work in January, February was catch-up month. BIG TIME STRESS!!! And with my big work project, due at the end of the month, I had missed some soft deadlines, and had tons of e-mails to send out.  Living out of a hotel for the last two weeks didn't help.
Food: Up and down. Some stress eating, then reigning it in.
Exercise: Every other morning for the first two weeks, I'd hit the eliptical. After work: only two cardio workouts--I felt as weak as a kitten! The other two weeks I was on the road working--so early meetings, and no time after work for the hotel exercise room.
Weight: Slid upwards at the end of the month.

Today: The big work project came to an end mid-week and I'm coming up for air. Routine: So glad to be back home and getting back to what works. A 30 minute workout in the morning, and making sure meals are planned and prepped in advance.

Weight: 182lbs, about the same as Christmastime. 

I'm still standing... 

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Holidaze recap

Made it through the Holidaze period fairly well! I thought it'd be more challenging, but since I dropped out of a couple of  friends' pre-Christmas parties due to having a bad cold and was able to avoid some temptations. 

While at my Mother's place, using the exercise equipment every morning really helped both with stress levels, making wise food choices, and generally feeling better. Although there was a lot of chocolate flying about, not much of it ended up in my mouth. Meals were healthy: Roast turkey, roast veggies, green leafy salads. Ham. Roast beef. The tourtiere, a French-Canadian meat pie, has a nice pastry crust which is quite carby, so that was one exception to my low carb plan I decided to make! But my Mother is also trying to slim down, so fresh fruit was always on the table and she had tons of healthy options for us all.

My in-laws and out-laws get togethers were more problematic in terms of food choices, but I did my best without offending anyone. My Sister-in-law is now more health conscious, so meals at her place were very much less junk-filled than in years past. In fact, no junky bowls of chips were in evidence anywhere! A big change.

New Year's Eve was interesting! No chips in sight, but my friend (who had WLS two years ago) really fancied the evening up. For apps: Cold cuts like prosciutto and salami, cheeses, crackers, french bread grapes, walnuts. I stuck to the grapes and walnuts.  Supper: pasta shells, so cheese again. She also made chicken breasts, so I had a couple of those. Desserts were everywhere afterwards! A minefield of them. I went back and had some grapes and indulged in the alcoholic cider I brought along. My man had a blast since he is a big mouse who loves cheese!

For New Years goals, aside from getting healthier, I'm continuing on decluttering paper, and stuff around the house. It's a continual process. Stuff comes in, and I get bogged down with other things, then go on decluttering sprees. Marie Kondo inspo can only go so far! :) 

Weigh-in yesterday was 180.7 lbs, so down about five pounds since last month. 

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Finding a Routine that Sticks

I've had to work longer hours at the office lately, and will continue to do so until a huge project and presentation is complete at the end of February. I'll reward myself with a nice little vacation then. Soooooo looking forward to that. My biggest challenge is keeping my stress levels down. It's imperative that I do so. Exercise definitely helps with that, but those longer hours make finding room for exercise very difficult.

I've technically been getting 10K or more steps per day. Using the stairs at work instead of the elevator, and taking walking breaks in the building.  But that, combined with clean eating has not translated into weight loss. By the time I get home, it is past 7pm and I have to prep and then eat supper. I should be in bed by 11pm, but that doesn't happen often. I get sidetracked by the interwebs. Or a bit of stress-induced insomnia creeps in.

The only thing I can think of that will fit my schedule is exercise first thing in the morning. At least I can hop on the elliptical I have here, and not have to schlep to the gym in the dead dark cold of Winter. If I can also do a quick DVD workout with weights if too. I'm really not a morning person, but I've got to change this (at least temporarily), knuckle down, and get it done!! That new routine will start Monday morning.

Eating is not 100% perfect by any means, but I've not been binge eating or eating when not hungry. Navigating the Holidaze is always full of pitfalls. Carby and chocolatey pitfalls. I've stayed away from my main trigger food at parties this time of year: namely chips and dip. I just find something to drink, like sparkling water, tea or coffee. And at work, if I get hungry, my first instinct at work is no longer to head to the vending machine for chips. Instead it makes more sense to grab a banana or carrots and hummus, which I always have handy at work. At home, I keep the cabinets and fridge stocked with only nutritious food. I know I feel awful if I eat before bed, so that doesn't happen anymore.  My portions have been too large. I know this all too well.

These next few weeks are going to be hard. This coming week at work with work parties, during and after.  Then two weeks off work, traveling to relatives, in-laws and out-laws, and New Years with friends. At least at my mother's apartment, there is an exercise room.

Interestingly my friend throwing the big NYE party this year had gastric bypass about 2 yrs ago to help control her diabetes and thyroid... but she still serves loads of junk food, or high-fat high-carb food when she hosts parties. She's under 200lbs now, but still has another 30-40 to go.  And another friend just had bypass surgery. In her case, I think that it might not work since she really loves food, especially ice cream. She even has a foodie Instagram!! I hope she can turn things around with therapy, which is required with her program. 

I've never thought seriously of getting surgery myself, since for me my weight is a completely mental issue--overeating junk especially is my default coping mechanism. Building new coping mechanisms, surgery or no surgery is essential to my recovery. Exercise is a big part of this.

I weighed in this morning at 186.1 lbs. So up a tiny bit from last month.

Friday, 15 November 2019

First Steps (again...)

First thing I did was an inventory of my kitchen pantry. Any snacks I had (a box of crackers, a box of cookies and some left-over Halloween candy) went to the office kitchen. My co-workers are like vultures so I can count on them to swoop in and eat anything left on the table!
The fridge and freezer were up next... not too bad... but a bag of forgotten carrots that could have made a nice soup :(  A few ended up outside for the wild rabbits, and the rest into the compost bin. 

The only "dirty carbs" I have left are some fancy slow-dried pasta, and a half a loaf of whole-wheat bread. 
So not bad there either. I'm slowly finishing those off and transitioning back to low-carb clean eating. 

No cheap chocolate this week, no chips, no cheezies. I didn't crave them at all. I've been drinking a lot of tea but still keeping to my one cup of coffee per day rule. I need the energy in the morning!
Did a mini-shop and got some fish fillets, some chicken breasts, salad, tomatoes, squash, and a bunch of fruit.
Meal-prep is this weekend, so it's back to looking at my recipe books and online.

Exercise has been a bit slow going since we hit the deep freeze here and I slipped on a patch of ice and fell on my caboose. My well-padded caboose. So I picked up my hand weights and have been doing upper body workouts, and slow walking for the moment. 

Weight: 185.7 lbs.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Waking from my Carb Coma

The last time I checked in here I was doing pretty well--finding it hard, but still doing okay. I decided to do a detox, an Internet detox as I was spending way too much time online, and procrastinating. By Midsummer, I was down to 150 lbs and feeling great. I was working my plan, mindful eating, not gorging, eating whole foods mostly plant based, low carb. Regular exercise every single day. 

What happened? A stress-storm: Being the only caregiver for a Mother with congestive heart failure, working full-time but being given more responsabilities for the same pay, struggling with bills, not being able to save money for a house, struggling with infertility... all that sent me back into a carb coma. White flour, processed foods, pizza, chocolate, large portions. Not making time for exercise. Not asking for help when I felt myself backsliding.
Current weight: 189.6 lbs It's easier than you think to gain weight. It didn't take much time at all to regain. And then some. I feel sluggish and tired all the time: carb coma! I've got to get back to being healthy again!
I'm back in the saddle again, starting now.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Good choices=Good results

Pretty simple, no? In practice, it can be tough. Tough braking habits, and patterns that I seem to want to repeat. 

I'm feeling better since last posting. But even while recovering, I made consciously good choices every step of the way in terms of food purchasing, prep, portions, and consumption. Seriously, baby steps from the Mindful Eating way of life. As in eating at the table with no distractions (no TV, book, phone, device). Chewing slowly, thoroughly, stopping halfway through to gauge hunger levels, etc. Yeah, during my sick days at home, I checked a lot of books out on my e-reader about mindful and intuitive eating.

I'm still trying to eat lots of veggies, and will have maybe 1/2 my meals vegetarian. So meals like chili without the carne, Indian-style chickpea stew are staples this time of year. I discovered cashew cheese, and that is a wonderful little treat with a small glass of red wine: just delish. And I've finally been able to master my cranky oven to make non-burnt roast chicken. I did re-stock my freezer with some homemade chicken soup just in case...

Exercise has generally been on the minimal side, but I do the stairs inside at home and at work. It's just still too cold outside to walk like I like (-10 to -20C brrr).  Unfortunately my hockey skates got lost/stolen after lending them to a friend, so skating on the Canal is out for a while until I can find a comfy new pair, which is actually very difficult. Since she is paying for the replacement I'm taking my time choosing the right pair. 

I did check out an Orange Theory class with my sister-in-law on Sunday, and I am still feeling twinges today! It's very expensive, very intense, but very good. I was a sweaty mess at the end. Too bad it's far out of my way, or I'd be tempted to join. I'm saving my money for a down payment on a house so: priorities.

Weight 174.8 lbs

Wednesday, 6 February 2019


On my third cold of this year, yep, number three of 2019! Hopefully it's three strikes and it's outta here? For good? I did get the flu shot, but can't they invent the cold shot? I blame my idiot colleagues who come to work coughing and sickly.

I've not succumbed to crackers with my soup, no drive-thrus, nor ordering in.  Very sorely tempted to do it! I did have groceries delivered once which cost me six dollars. I'm cheap, so that hurts my budget, ha ha.

I've tried to keep lunches and suppers fairly simple. A protein, lotsa veggies, and a nice low-gi carb. Chilli is a staple. Or home-made veggie or chicken soup, or eggs and peppers if I'm in "cold virus attacks" mode. I've not been into breakfast lately, but sometimes I'll have a meal replacement shake like Vega One.

The only regular exercise that I've been doing lately is shovelling. Sometimes it's 20 minutes, other times it's a couple of hours. I think I've hit the eliptical maybe once a week or so. I do still walk outside, but lately it's been too hellishly cold (-20C/-4F) or colder. Or it's freezing rain! So... just to and from the bus stop on my way to work--if I'm not sick.

My weight has stayed the same. Sigh. I know I lose if I'm focused, tracking/watching portions, and getting in a good dose of sweaty daily exercise.