Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Whole30 starts tomorrow

I'm starting the Whole30 and looking forward to a challenge or two or three!  I know the biggest challenge for me will be giving up chewing gum. It's been a useful tool for me when I'm in the company of friends and they are having dessert and I'm not, just to pop in a stick of gum and it'd make my cravings for sweets just disappear. I know gum is loaded with chemical goo so I'll hope that I can make it through the month of the Whole30 gum-free.

The other challenge will be no sweetener in my morning coffee. I've tried almond milk but it's not the same. Will have to give coconut milk a try.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Week in review: Fail

This past week has not been good and the scale shows it. Up four pounds. After a week of medical tests and more to go through in May, stress, worry and loneliness have been playing a big factor. My man has been semi-supportive, not sabotaging but not able to be really be there for me.

I over-ate in general over five days, had a cheese and cracker fest and scarfed down a few pastries and chips. Also had some diet soda and a few Gin and Tonics.  Very disappointed at myself that I couldn’t handle things like a normal person but turned to food (and a bit of alcohol) once again for comfort.  Actually, I’m angry at myself! I should know better that food will not solve my problems: it will only create more.

A bunch of people in the blogosphere are doing the Whole 30 beginning in May. I’m hopping on that band wagon. I need a kick in the ass.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Need Sleep!!

Having a hard time lately turning my brain off at night. Even though I turn off the TV, computer other stimulating devices early, my brain keeps whirring! So many thoughts, worries. Personal and work stuff all mixed together.

Lack of sleep is a big trigger in overeating, for me anyway, and I downed a small box of crackers I was given at work. What was I thinking? I was thinking it was an easy fix. Plus I've been overdoing it on the portion sizes... have to watch that like a hawk this week.

Workout wise I've started to mix it up by doing some weight training DVDs that I bought real  cheap from a going out of business sale.  First up Kelly Coffey Meyer.

Didn't lose anything this past week. I'm not surprised. Anyway here's a song from my favourite insomniac compatriot Dallas Green: Sleeping Sickness by City and Colour

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter and changing the menu

My mom used to cook up a storm for holidays but now she’s changing her tune.  This Easter was a little different. Only roast turkey--no added ham, no sugar and butter in the boiled carrots mashed potatoes and turnip, and much much much less chocolate than in previous years. Yes I wrote she used to ADD SUGAR TO VEGGIES!!
Since our family dynamic has changed, I see how much my father’s influence on the foods we ate really affected us all. He was all for meat and potatoes and only in the last part of his life he’d begun to enjoy leafy green salads. He was also one for insisting on having desserts and lots of chocolaty and salty snacks on hand at all times. This year, my mom baked one pie. One instead of the usual five! I was amazed. She is now finding her way in nutrition and realizing that food does not equal love.  I can say the changes are making for a more pleasant time at the holiday table.