Monday, 27 August 2012

Recovering after severe "Stomach 'flu"

After a bad bout of gastro, food poisoning, stomach flu or virus or whatever it was that made me a slave to the toilet and puke bucket, I'm wondering if I should have done anything different during the recovery.

As kids, my siblings and I would every couple of years come down with some kind of stomach/intestinal trouble. My mom would give us a little flat gingerale or gatorade, and if we were hungry: dry toast and bananas. Once tummies were more settled, we'd have applesauce, chicken noodle soup, saltine crackers, puffed rice cereal and skim milk.

After my recent illness, it got me thinking about better food choices  because I really don't eat some these foods anymore, but I fell back on them as standbys anyway. Looking at MedLine Plus Bland Diet , there doesn't seem to be anything new or groundbreaking when you're trying to over being so sick.  Mom knows best after all :)

Monday, 20 August 2012

Needing some sleep

Was able to eat well throughout the week, lots of greens and veggies, some meat, chicken and fish, and was taking it easy on the fruit and carbs. Had lots of fun working my new charcoal grill!

But when it comes to weekends, especially when I'm away from home, I'm having lots of problems keeping to plan. My menu is thrown out the window and so is my sleep pattern. There's a party, some get-together, or a late night rescue mission to pick up a stranded friend. There's always something.

For me getting a good 7 to 8 hours sleep is so important specially if I want my brain cells to actually function, most importantly when I'm at work.  Some weeks a good night's sleep is harder than others... especially when it's due to PMS. That was last week and it was rough. And here I am trying to get to sleep since 10pm. Tossing and turning like The Princess and the Pea. Just took some melatonin after a warm bath and am hoping to feel those eyelids get heavy soon. Nite-nite.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Muchas better!

Was able to eat mostly healthy meals and got all but one session of my exercises in. Salad is a definite staple every day and I'm taking advantage of the seasonal veggies as much as possible. This year, due to the drought, we have lower quality and less quantity veggies... but was able to score some kick-ass beets and some delicious Peaches and Cream Corn!

One of my favorite Friday night dishes is nachos! I do try to go easy on the cheese. But this time I made my own salsa with fresh tomatoes also incorporated black beans and adding some leftover corn... couldn't resist have a bit of guacamole on the side. I don't always have time to do everything from scratch so I kinda enjoy the taste more knowing that I can actually cook.

 The only cheats I had was a chocolate bar and two creamsicles. Not too worried about this. Will weigh in later in the month.