Thursday, 27 June 2013

June in review

I'm chained like a monkey to my computer all day at work; it's a super sedentary job.  Thinking over this last month, I could have done much better on the exercise front. I know to feel good and lose this weight,  I have to move as much as possible. Looking back on my exercise logs, it's averaged out to 3 out of 7 days per week. In my book, that's a fail.

I have to be exercising 5 or 6 out of 7 days. By exercise, I mean strength training with cardio for a total of at least an hour of sweatiness per day. Yoga and Pilates is an additional feel-good activity I do sometimes at home in the evenings, but it's for stretching and relaxation.

I am losing weight, but it's coming off too slowly. I know what I have to do.

As for food, I'm doing well. Sticking with eating protein, tons of veggies, some fruit and trying to avoid most processed food. However, I'm still fighting cravings and temptations. Invites to barbecues are frequent and I can easily brush off the potato salads and such, but the tortilla chips or fries and alcohol is problematic. On two occasions I've had to physically remove myself... once from the food area outside and hang out inside my friend's living room and the other time I actually left the party early. I knew if I stayed, I'd make the wrong choices. What can I say, I'm still working on willpower, or lack thereof.

Jeanette has a great post today called Protein, fat and carbs and portion sizes  Check it out :)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Not much new

Just doing things as per usual. Losing a bit of weight each week. I'm sticking with eating as nature intended, very little processed food, and once a week I seem to lose my appetite and eat a lot less than usual. Will have to work on drinking more water... I tend to forget at work when it's busy. Right now it's about 1.5 litres of water a day, a cup of coffee in the morning and a cup of tea in the evenings. 
Still getting my brisk walks in and doing some workouts on the Rebounder and elliptical in the basement on rainy mornings when I'm running late and don't want to deal with wet clothes and soaked sneakers. Will probably be riding my bike more now in the evenings as the water has receded from the bike paths that are beside the river in my neck of the woods. I envy those who can ride their bikes to work. I theory I could, but the rush-hour traffic is just too dangerous in some sections on the route I'd have to take.
Reading  and commenting on blogs once in a while. I try not to spend too much time online (because I can so easily get sucked in for hours at a time) but find the ones on my list really help keep me motivated and on track. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Battling against my inner Fat Girl

Being overweight for twenty plus years will warp anyone's thinking. Some days I'm fighting bad habits and old negative voices in my head when I'm faced with stress or issues that come up. I'm usually able to deal, but once in a while it's hard.

My fear is slipping back into my old Fat Girl Coma. That comatose state when I was laying on the couch, sometimes for the entire weekend in pyjamas,  isolating myself from others and seeking comfort in crappy food. Sure I'd feel soothed for a time, then the next day, I'd feel lousy, and look bloated and gross.

During the recent Whole30 challenge in May, someone at work brought in treats and I automatically popped one into my mouth and started chewing. I did spit it out when no one was looking. I caught myself in time... but it's that automatic reaction that scares me.

Yesterday evening, it happened at the grocery store. I veered into the centre aisles and I bought some chocolate, not organic chocolate (not that it would be any better) but a box of dirty highly-processed chocolate and caramel-covered pecans. I put them in my cart with the other groceries, paid for them, got them home and set them on my coffee table in the living room.

Talking negatively to myself, the exact words I won't write here, I asked myself, What was I doing? Really?  

I got up, put the chocs into a gift bag and headed next door and gave it to the neighbours.  I said it was just a present for being such great neighbours. They were touched and seemed pleased.

I cannot trust myself with this kind of food in the house. I just cannot. I had to get rid of it completely. 

I had a big mug of ginger tea and a couple of dates. Felt a bit better. Thought over what I almost did and why. The why this time was loneliness. I called a friend for a long chat, did some yoga and fell asleep at a reasonable hour.  No Fat Girl Coma this time, no Fat Girl Coma ever again.  

Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Joy of reintroducing certain foods after Whole30

The above title is meant as sarcasm. I felt great at the end of my month of Whole30. Eating mostly as nature intended worked wonders for my whole being. Right now, I'm pretty much following the same eating plan as I posted last month. This week I started introducing back some stuff back into my diet... sometimes with disastrous results.

Started with a bit of dairy. A bit of 2% milk in my morning coffee to start and then had some cheese with lunch. Big mistake. Bloating and other nasty stuff followed. I was allergic to milk as a kid and have been sensitive ever since. Over the years I've tried Greek yoghurt and other 'modified milk products' with no success. I'm just going to stay away from dairy as much as possible.

Tried some sugar in the form of an energy bar...meh, everything tastes too sweet now. I looked at my food diary and found that I'm eating too many dates and sunflower seed butter. Will work at reducing that amount. I have to measure out the butter from the jar from now on with an actual tablespoon because I went overboard the other day... wound up having about eight dates and eight spoonfuls of SSButter. Not good!

I guess the worst reaction I had was to bread of all things. My man bought a baguette from the bakery, I had a few slices with supper and later in the evening I was bloated in the extreme, almost two inches of bloat on the waist... so happy it was just gas... and happy that I was not at work!

One of the best decisions was to reintroduce a half-cup of steel-cut oatmeal in the morning. I mixed in a handful of raspberries and had a couple of egg whites scrambled with veggies on the side. Gave me a full feeling until four hours later at lunchtime. I'm not eating oatmeal everyday, for now two to three times a week is enough.

Starting to research more about Primal, Paleo, ect., but I'm certainly trying to keep true to the Whole9 principles.