Climbing up from Rock Bottom... Again

My Last Rock Bottom Moment... 2016:

A series of serious medical challenges, including miscarriages, and then depression has brought me down to my knees. Even with help from all quarters (family, friends, doctors, therapist), I decided to eat my feelings, tried to eat them into oblivion. I stepped on the scale and saw 205.3 lbs. Not far from my all-time high which was certainly somewhere over 220lbs. I'm committed to starting back on the right path to health and a future.

My First Rock Bottom Moment... 2012:

I'm not a naturally photogenic person (maybe I was at age three) but sometimes the camera can be kind. But my rock bottom moment was during a friend's wedding and of course a few photos of me and my man were snapped. The pics were truly awful. Seeing those pics in her wedding album a few weeks later, I just didn't recognize myself anymore. Those angles which featured my fat and rolls just made me cringe. That's not me! Later in a flashback I thought What the effin' hell have I done to myself.

I stepped on the scale and faced reality: 220 pounds. I knew very well what I had done to get here. Take-out pizza at least once a week. Poutine (fries, cheese curds, gravy) once a week. Dinner for 6 Szechwan take-out every other week. Chips, ice cream, candy bars once a week also... all that junk accumulated in my body for over 4 years resulting in an extra 50lbs+ that I really didn't need. I'm done with these rolls weighing me down physically and emotionally. I'm done with this burden.

Photo 2012: