Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ready to start

So why the title Fat Girl Won't Run?  I'm not going to run away this time from losing weight. This isn't my first time promising myself that this time I'll really lose it by working out then after 2 weeks going back to the safety of my couch and eating a bag of Chester's Corn Twists.

Why did I pack on the pounds? What am I getting out of being fat?  Safety... it's my barrier, a wall to keep out others. 20 years worth of eating my emotions.
I overeat because I'm lonely.
I overeat because I'm bored.
I make bad food choices knowingly.

I carry a lot of weight around my belly and hate of sight of those rolls. I hate the way my thighs rub together so much so I get rashes and nasty ingrown hairs.

Why lose it now?  I think I've finally figured out most of my emotional past/shit. I feel healthy and awesome on the inside and it should be reflected on the outside. Also I've finally met a great guy who sees through my crap and loves me unconditionally.

Starting weight: 210lbs        (Goal: 150ish)

Current Measurements:
Chest : 40"
Waist:  42"
Ass:  49"
Upper Thigh: 29"
Bicep: 16.5"
Calf: 17"
Current Clothing Size: 16/18; XL/1X     (Goal: 8/10; Medium)

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