Saturday, 8 August 2015

Back to it

After a wonderful and completely relaxing vacation, I'm missing the tropics so much, especially Oahu. My lifestyle was so much more active there than back at home. Disturbed sleep was not an issue. And being in a completely different place, my seasonal allergies were non-existent. I'd never felt better! Here was an average day:
  • 8am Wake-up
  • Breakfast: Coffee first, with beans from a local plantation, to eat usually something simple, like eggs or yoghurt and fruit 
  • 9am - Get outside and hike up a mountain or explore a nearby city's cultural scene
  • Noonish - Big Lunch! Stir Fry, Japanese, or Thai, sometimes a burger but always making sure to have lots of fresh veggies 
  • Head to a beach
  • Read trashy romance novels under a palm tree 
  • Shake off the laziness by body boarding or swimming in the waves
  • If hungry, a healthy snack of a handful of nuts or some fresh fruit 
  • 7pm, Sunset - Means time to shower off the sand
  • Supper - Like lunch but smaller portions 
  • Evening - Explore a nearby city with a walk or a drive
  • 10 or 11pm - Sleep
What a tough life LOL

So now I'm over the jet-lag and I'm back in the groove of the daily grind. Weighing less, generally feeling better, and trying to keep as active as I can. But... yes there's a but, it is hard. My workload has increased due to lack of staff at work, the boss has called early meetings all week, and I've had to take on additional duties which leaves me so tired at the end of the day. Stress is creeping back in. 

I know this is just temporary until September when other staff members come back from vacation. I just have to hang in there just a few more weeks. Here's the plan:
  • Morning workouts on the elliptical, and body weight exercises 
  • Keep eating lots of veggies. There is so much choice now and at low prices!
  • Be sure to get into bed early, no late nights

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