Friday, 23 October 2015


I don't catch viruses every other week like I used to back when I was over 220lbs, but I've caught a very nasty cold. By eating well, exercising and thorough hand washing, I thought that should keep away the big nasty germs but no, this time they've come for me anyway. I haven't been pushing myself with exercise because no energy, and it can get hard to breathe. Easy walking for now will have to do. I've set up a humidifier in my bedroom so my sinuses don't dry up overnight.

Not much of an appetite either, so I'm making sure to get enough liquids, veggies and protein in. I was smart enough to make a huge batch of squash soup with a home-made base of chicken stock, so I'm covered for some meals. For the rest, I'm keeping it simple: eggs with maybe a slice of toast, apples, lazy cabbage rolls in the crock pot (easy on the rice), take-out rotisserie chicken with salad. A friend dropped by with some chicken noodle soup, make by a local company, and it was so good, not super-salty like most commercial soups you buy in the can. Drinking water and tea like crazy, but whether it actually helps or not to flush out the virus, I'm not sure about that.  

Weight is a little less, bouncing around 165 to 167 lbs.


  1. Godspeed for a quick recovery :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Leigh! It's almost all over now, and am starting to get back into the swing of things :)