Saturday, 18 November 2017

An Experiment

I've been bored as heck with my diet, and it didn't seem to be working for me,  so I signed up for a week-long plant-based regime with a nutritionist I know. Recipes were provided, as well as support. Some of the recipes were more complicated than I'm used to, and some of the ingredients unfamiliar like nutritional yeast!  One of the good tips was to eat until feeling 3/4 full, but it's sometimes a challenge to actually do. 

I'm happy to report I did feel good at the end of the week! Good energy through the day, no heartburn. Being lactose-intolerant, missing dairy was not an issue since I've eliminated a lot of it, or use alternatives. But I did miss eating fish and poultry... and the little bit bacon I do allow myself to have! Beef not so much, although I do like a good steak once in a while. 

After the week-long experiment was over, my man and I went out to a restaurant (not fast-food) for some fancy burgers. Oh boy, was I sick that night. Heartburn, bloat, the whole nine yards of digestive turbulence. He ate the same thing without any side-effects. 

This past week, I've been taking it easy, and not eating junk. Pumpkin and squash soups, buckwheat pancakes with berries, vegetarian chili, California rolls, roasted chick peas for snacking, grilled fish with roasted veggies.

Going forward, I'm certainly going to incorporate more vegetarian meals into my diet.

Weight this week has been bouncing from 194.5 to 191.7 lbs.

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