Sunday, 15 July 2012

Back from France

...and the damage is done.  Sigh. At least it's not as bad as it could have been.

Although my man and I did get some very good exercise in from time to time, it couldn't offset the heavy meals, like lunch and supper, we were served by my man's family. Example: Duck with potatoes and lots of fresh veggies. Followed by a cheese course. Baguettes of bread. Desserts were mainly fruits like peaches, strawberries and apricots which are in season. I didn't know apricots are supposed to be so juicy and flavourful! Don't forget the wine--so good! 

One especially good meal was spaghetti, made by one of the Italian aunts. Ingredients: three meats--beef, veal, pork, fresh ripe tomatoes, white wine, garlic, basil and a hint of cinnamon. Grate fresh parmesan cheese on top. I certainly didn't want to offend anyone in the family by refusing to eat what they has prepared, but I didn't ask for seconds. My man told me that his family in France view food as love and if you refuse the food, you refuse the love.

And of course I had to deal with my own vice: tasty patisseries, like croissants, chocolatines, millefeuilles, tartes... I am salivating just thinking about them. I was able to control myself and limited the treats to one every third day.  It was hard when you pass by at least four patisseries every single day.

Now that long vacations for me are over until Christmas, it's time to get back to my real life and my own healthy routine. Not forgetting to make room for a tasty treat every couple of weeks :)

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