Thursday, 29 August 2013

Not working it

Being back at work from vacation this past week has not been a joy.... personality clashes in the team have been escalating. My job is very sedentary, I'm at the computer all day and for the most part I'm responsible for my own work and getting my projects completed on time. There are some projects that require teamwork. The consequence of this situation is that we've had to work longer hours to cover a Passive-Aggressive colleague's work that has been left undone. Sigh.
By the time I get home, have supper, run errands, get stuff ready for the next day, get some yoga in there, I'm just wiped out and sleep way into the morning.... and yes, missing my morning workout. This has to change! Since the Labour Day weekend is coming up, I'm hoping to de-stress and get back on track.
Eating has been okay but I'm not getting enough water during the work day and drinking too much coffee. Bad combo, I know it! Also not getting enough veggies in and now is the best time to take advantage of farm fresh produce. One cheat: I did eat some bread and paid dearly for it with major gas and nasty intestinal disruptions.  
The dial on the scale hasn't moved this week but that could be the dust and grime in it. It's one of those old-timey dial scales that I bought in 1999. This coming week, I am going to spend $40 or so on a digital scale to get more accurate results.

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  1. Sorry your coworker/s are being butts. Mine has been a little stabby herself lately. Hopefully they will pull their heads outta their asses soon!