Wednesday, 7 August 2013

On Vacation

My man and I are going on vacation shortly and I can guarantee I'll be aiming for a 90% clean eating vacation. Since we'll be camping, we'll be eating lots of veggies and grilling on the bbq at the campsite. We're not going into the remote woods or anything... we'll be about 20 minutes by car away from civilization.
While on the road however, sometimes choices are limited. For snacks, I've stocked up on high quality organic natural almonds, dates and some trail mix. Every town has a grocery store, so there's no excuse not to pick up veggies and fruit.
I'll also be tracking and will probably post my food journal when I get back. 
This is my first long vacation in eight months so I'm looking forward to hiking and swimming every day and to completely unplugging from technology for a few weeks :)

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