Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Three Down

Already three pounds down! It must have been partly water retention from the salty and carby diet of the past couple of weeks. The hike in the rain on Saturday and eating healthy food has me back on the right course. The weather sucked on Saturday but some of the trails are crushed rock so not terribly muddy or slippery.  I was out there for just over three and a half hours, but I'm not  an expert hiker like our friend Jeanette so I stuck to the easier trails. It was too rainy to bring the camera. I got drenched especially my hiking shoes  but I  didn't care one little bit :)

We're having a nice warm weather streak here so I took a long walk after work on Monday and felt great once I got home. Felt even better having remembered to plug in the crock pot in the morning, then coming home to find supper all ready! Pork butt was on sale this week and acorn squash are plentiful so I chopped some onions, garlic, threw it all in the crock pot with rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper. It smelled soooo good. The pork fell apart, in a good way!! I ate it over some greens.

Tonight is mid-week chore night and I've laundry to do. Fun times! Anyhoo, I think by next weekend another few pounds will be gone.

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