Monday, 9 December 2013

Ah Nuts!

This past weekend, there was a little get-together amongst friends and friends of friends. Although the buffet spread had mostly healthy choices, which was great,  there were also some natural nut mixes in little bowls here and there. After taking three handfuls, I stopped and asked myself what I thought I was doing (but I used much harsher language).

I was able to stop myself, analyse the situation and get a grip! I realised I wasn't hungry but there was a lull in the party and I found myself sort of awkwardly on my own. Everyone I knew went off on a beer run or a wine run.  Rather than mingling, I retreated to the nuts. I was just feeling a bit shy, that's all. I got away from the food, grabbed a club soda with lime and went and asked a girl where she bought her cute sparkly pumps. 

See how a couple of minutes of social awkwardness can cost an unplanned 500 calories or more? 

I guess I've grown accustomed to my own group of friends. I haven't been in situations lately where I've had to mingle with strangers in an intimate setting like at a fundraiser, gallery opening or other similar event. Sounds like this could be a New Years Resolution... get out and mingle with new people!


  1. I do the same thing. It's SO hard at parties, because there is so much food laying around. Good for you though, grabbing a drink and mingling!

  2. Yeah for taking a step back and realizing what you were doing!

  3. I ate too many nuts lately too. Everyone says they are healthy--but not good for me who can't handle them. :D