Thursday, 6 February 2014

Wednesday's Weigh-In, Body Signals, and BL

Posting this a day late, oopsie! Had a nice evening with my man last night and decided to focus on us instead of hopping on line.

Well the damage I did on Sunday has almost gone away, I'm at 191lbs.  I'm back on track with food portions but having a hard time getting water in.  Just not remembering to drink. I'm averaging about 1.5 litres or about 50floz, so that's not enough. I don't drink much else other than water, a morning cup of coffee and maybe tea or juice or almond milk once in a while.

Have stayed up late a couple of nights this week so getting 5 hours sleep out of a usual 7 or 8 really has an impact on my day, fuzzy-brained thinking at work is so not good. But this was my choice to stay up late. Will get to bed at a reasonable time.

I thought that changing my diet would have an impact of my natural feelings of hunger and feeling full. But it hasn't yet. I usually don't eat anything after 8 or 9pm but I rarely feel hungry in the morning. I aim for nothing after supper.  I've had a few times lately when I've felt hungry an hour or two after waking up but otherwise, I just fuel-up with a healthy breakfast and get on with my day. After meals I feel okay but unless I know how much I've eaten, I don't feel full, even though I am. I will sometimes feel way too full, but that is rare as I'm keeping an eye on portions. From what I've read, obesity screws with hormones and  proteins like leptin, ghrelin, ect) in  a big way. The solution wont magically come overnight but over time by sticking with my plan and losing this fat.

So a lot of folks are talking about the Biggest Loser these days. I stopped watching a while back, when the product placements seemed to me to be taking over the show. The sit-down talks the trainers had with contestants were about some energy bar, breakfast cereal or sandwich place. There have been plenty of contestants in the past who've appeared gaunt and were under a healthy weight at the finale, like Helen, a blonde lady, is one that stands out. I think it's most likely the buck$ at the end of the day that make those three or four contestants lose their muscles as well as fat to become "Biggest Loser".  Time will tell if Rachael gains back her healthy and fit form. 

Have to say that I find the TV shows that follow people of the course of a year or more as they lose weight (successfully or partially) and show the typical daily struggles people have in real life to be the most inspiring. Much like the bloggers around here :)


  1. My personal opinion on the BL "scandal" is that if you go below the healthy BMI, you should be disqualified. Rachel did that, she doesn't win. They should glorify whatever she did to lose that much weight.

    Like you, I must prefer people who are real about the daily struggles. :)

  2. I am going to have another post (maybe this weekend) about more BL stuff (beyond the one I did yesterday)...because more is coming out, and it's even more disheartening. The sad thing, I only turned on the show because I'd been so impressed with Rachel in epi's 1-2, but stopped watching when they brought Rueben back. So imagine my dismay. One thing is clear; Rachel is suffering from body dysmorphia. And it's sad.

  3. I also thought a good show to have would be one about maintenance after weigh-loss and how difficult that is. Losing weight is hard for sure, but maintenance is a whole different kettle of fish. I don't watch BL and never will.

  4. I think people should just wait and see what happens with Rachel before calling her anorexic or bulimic, which really we don't know. I bet she will put some weight back on.