Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Change of plan and Weighing in

My allergies are really getting the best of me these past few days. Worse than they've been in many years. This morning was the worst so far. While walking at a quick pace, after about 10 minutes, I started to sneeze, nose began to run, eyes itched and it just became awful after that. It took about a couple of hours and some extra medication to look presentable again. With ragweed pollen dominating the air around here and sunny breezy days propelling it everywhere, I have to retreat to the indoors.

Change of plan: Instead of a morning walk, I'm going to do some workout DVDs instead. I've got a handful in my collection that will fit in with the 30 minute time-frame I need. 


  • I have to adjust my wake up time to 15 minutes earlier so I can catch the bus to work and get in this workout at home. 
  • Which means I have to adjust my bedtime too. 
  • I might have to prepare my breakfast in advance the night before. Omelettes aren't so great reheated in the microwave, but I'll adjust to that too.
About my after work walk, I'll have to take it day by day. It really relaxes me and clears my head, like a walking meditation of sorts... but if the pollen clogs my head and makes me miserable... I'll walk when I can, but if I decide not to, I'll hop on the elliptical first thing when I get home and blast some tunes to help shake off the work day. 

Food-wise: Keeping it to simple meals this week, like eggs, grilled trout, salmon, chicken, flavoured with spices or fresh herbs, and lots of local veggies and some blueberries bought at the market. 

Weight-wise: 175.5 lbs, so down from last week. Slow but steady wins the race :)


  1. I had to reallllly adjust to an earlier wake up time - after a week, it was fine!!

    And you are so right - slow and steady wins the race... It is sustainable!

    1. So far so good! It's a small enough adjustment.

      With great examples out there like yourself, I know it is totally sustainable :)

  2. I like the way you are thinking through your pitfalls before they happen and then adjusting to give you the best chance of success. I had to change my wakeup time too; it was actually harder to go to bed early than it was to get up.

    I hope you will consider adding me to your blogroll

    1. I think you have a tougher adjustment to make than me; I'm not up at 5am :)

      Yes indeed, I've added you!

  3. Sorry you have been suffering. Fall is often rough for me; all the dust and weeds (well, here in southern California. LOL) Hope you get relief soon!

    1. Not you too? What a fun club we belong too ;)
      A little rain every so often would b nice here to get the pollen out of the air. But it'll be over at the first frost (early October usually) when the plants die off.

  4. See, October is worst for me, because in Southern California, nothing dies off. LOL Then there is the mold issue from Xmas trees in December.... ;)