Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Rollin' Along

Slowly but surely I'm adding activity back into my schedule. Although I feel like going full-throttle, that's just asking for an injury. I started off slowly but this week increased the time for some activities and will continue to increase the time or difficulty every week. I am feeling the after-burn of sore muscles. Right now it's shoulders and abs.

I also dusted off my roller skates and got in some laps around the rink.  It's been a while since my derby days and I'm more than a little rusty but I had fun. I'm just glad I didn't fall on my butt! But my glutes were sore for a couple of days afterward it actually hurt to sit down and get up.

So here's basically what I've been up to...

Work Week:
Before work 30 minute brisk walk downhill
Can't count on having time at lunch for exercise but if I can squeeze it in I do
After work 30 minute brisk walk uphill
Before bed stretching: Pilates, 20 minutes

Added 3x week:
Elliptical 15 minutes followed by...
Strength training and body weight exercises like those fun-time Burpees, 20 minutes

1 hour or more brisk walk or could be a hike
Before bed stretching: Pilates, however long I need to stretch
Bike ride
Roller skating

As for eats, about the same:

Coffee with almond milk or lactose free milk 

Scrambled eggs with peppers and mushrooms 
Smoothie (any protein powder without whey and without sugar, plus 1/2 cup berries, 1/2 banana with almond milk or lactose free milk)

Big salad with tomatoes, cukes, avocado and grilled chicken 
Left-overs from previous night's supper

Stir fried veggies (broccoli, carrots, peppers) and chicken
Roast chicken and veggies (sweet potato, onions) on a bed of spinach or kale
Baked fish with green beans or carrots or whatever looked good at the market
Grilled bison and a big salad with avocado
Crock pot chicken thighs (no skin) in a Harissa sauce (North African hot chili pepper paste with tomatoes and herbs) on a bed of kale and/or with sweet potato
AM or PM Snacks:
Either a small fruit 
Carrot and/or celery sticks with tuna
Organic sunflower seed butter on an apple 

Before bed:
Chamomile Tea

I'm still not eating raw nuts, still too triggering - I always end up eating more than I should.

To stave off crazy cravings, I still chew way too much Sugarless gum.

Being consistent with all this is the key and this is certainly do-able. I can always change this up depending on the schedule. 

As for weight, I'm at 180.1 lbs. Down from last week so I'm good with that. 


  1. I'm absolutely impressed!! You were into roller derby? That's so amazingly awesome!!! Your schedule and plan looks so wonderful, I'm with you on the raw nuts thing--ME TOO. It's taken a leap of faith to have a jar of peanut butter in my apartment--but I'm nowhere near ready to trust myself with a giant thing of nuts!! You're so spot on--it is consistency, consistency is critical--perfection isn't. I love it that you're willing and aware that adjustments are part of the journey. I've had elements in the past, where I set my mind to one thing in particular--and any variance left me feeling like I failed. I didn't, but I was convinced I had. Congrats on the loss!! You're in a great place, Nikki--enjoyed the post!

    1. Thanks Sean :) Yep roller derby is a great way for women of all sizes to build self-esteem, make new friends and get some exercise too! My team had ladies aged from 20s to 40s. I'd have kept on for another 10 years or more except for my not so great "rice krispy" knees.

      I have a long list of foods I can't control myself around. On the top these days is nuts. Crunch plus salt, I believe... and so very tasty too :)

      Life rarely goes 100% according to one's master plan and sometimes you have to make guilt-free adjustments some times. Love this: "consistency is critical--perfection isn't."

  2. You're doing incredible! I need to get some gum. I'm sure that will help me get through the afternoon lull that always seems to hit me. :)

    1. Thanks Shannon! I'm doing my best. Really I'm like the tortoise rather than the hare in this race, ha ha!

      One tip, never talk to clients on the phone when chewing gum. One client, an older man, got mad at me and said "knock it off young lady!" LOL

  3. Congratulations, you are doing well! I think you have a great plan in place. Have fun with the skating. Gosh it has been decades since I last skated.

    1. Thanks! I did have fun. I also skate on ice skates in the winter too :)

  4. OMG I found what the rice crispy is called the other day. I usual feel no pain but the noise bothers me. A LOT. I am starting to feel my knees lately though. I actually worked out today GASP! and it is kinda bothering me that I felt it more above my knees than in my thighs. (stationary recumbent bike for 25 min)

    1. Yep, I have a few knee issues, the crepitus, which can lead to pain and swelling and an alignment problem. I just try not to overwork the knees at all, so running and doing a lot of stairs are big no-nos.

      Glad you got to workout today! Sorry to hear that your tendons (?) above the knee were bothering you. Bummer :( Take it easy my friend and ice them down if they start to swell.