Wednesday, 6 February 2019


On my third cold of this year, yep, number three of 2019! Hopefully it's three strikes and it's outta here? For good? I did get the flu shot, but can't they invent the cold shot? I blame my idiot colleagues who come to work coughing and sickly.

I've not succumbed to crackers with my soup, no drive-thrus, nor ordering in.  Very sorely tempted to do it! I did have groceries delivered once which cost me six dollars. I'm cheap, so that hurts my budget, ha ha.

I've tried to keep lunches and suppers fairly simple. A protein, lotsa veggies, and a nice low-gi carb. Chilli is a staple. Or home-made veggie or chicken soup, or eggs and peppers if I'm in "cold virus attacks" mode. I've not been into breakfast lately, but sometimes I'll have a meal replacement shake like Vega One.

The only regular exercise that I've been doing lately is shovelling. Sometimes it's 20 minutes, other times it's a couple of hours. I think I've hit the eliptical maybe once a week or so. I do still walk outside, but lately it's been too hellishly cold (-20C/-4F) or colder. Or it's freezing rain! So... just to and from the bus stop on my way to work--if I'm not sick.

My weight has stayed the same. Sigh. I know I lose if I'm focused, tracking/watching portions, and getting in a good dose of sweaty daily exercise. 

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