Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Good choices=Good results

Pretty simple, no? In practice, it can be tough. Tough braking habits, and patterns that I seem to want to repeat. 

I'm feeling better since last posting. But even while recovering, I made consciously good choices every step of the way in terms of food purchasing, prep, portions, and consumption. Seriously, baby steps from the Mindful Eating way of life. As in eating at the table with no distractions (no TV, book, phone, device). Chewing slowly, thoroughly, stopping halfway through to gauge hunger levels, etc. Yeah, during my sick days at home, I checked a lot of books out on my e-reader about mindful and intuitive eating.

I'm still trying to eat lots of veggies, and will have maybe 1/2 my meals vegetarian. So meals like chili without the carne, Indian-style chickpea stew are staples this time of year. I discovered cashew cheese, and that is a wonderful little treat with a small glass of red wine: just delish. And I've finally been able to master my cranky oven to make non-burnt roast chicken. I did re-stock my freezer with some homemade chicken soup just in case...

Exercise has generally been on the minimal side, but I do the stairs inside at home and at work. It's just still too cold outside to walk like I like (-10 to -20C brrr).  Unfortunately my hockey skates got lost/stolen after lending them to a friend, so skating on the Canal is out for a while until I can find a comfy new pair, which is actually very difficult. Since she is paying for the replacement I'm taking my time choosing the right pair. 

I did check out an Orange Theory class with my sister-in-law on Sunday, and I am still feeling twinges today! It's very expensive, very intense, but very good. I was a sweaty mess at the end. Too bad it's far out of my way, or I'd be tempted to join. I'm saving my money for a down payment on a house so: priorities.

Weight 174.8 lbs


  1. How is that Orange Theory place? I pass by one every so often and it's always empty. It's like its closed

  2. Hey toots! How is it going?