Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Been Staying the F*** Home

My job is one where working from home is mostly possible so I'm in my 3rd week of doing just that. Some of my tasks get put aside until we get back into the workplace. So far, schools are closed here until early May or longer--assuming about the same for my workplace? We'll see.

Our federal and provincial government has been quick to enforce a lot of hard rules. I'm surprised that some parks are closed. Since it's still cold here, we still have to bundle up for a walk around the neighbourhood. It's boring, but there's not too many other options. The price of gas is lowest its been in ages, but road tripping it is out of the question. Police are deployed on some roads discouraging travel.

I am worried about my mother, who has had one hospital visit last week for heart issues. She doesn't want anyone coming to stay with her at all at her apartment, and her doctor agrees. She does have a lot of support there and a legendary freezer and pantry stockpile, so that is a relief. I'm not stress eating too much, but I find it very hard getting into a new routine.

As for food, after an initial panic around here, things have calmed down quickly and the grocery stores are back to stocking toilet paper, and most everything else. They did put limits on some items since some people got into panic stockpiling mode. All stores close on Sundays and the store hours are shrinking, so it's getting harder to avoid people and stay six feet away.

My weight hasn't changed too much since I've been cutting down on calories knowing that I'm getting a lot less steps in. 

Also, I did get a phone call from my doctor to discuss some test results related to my kidneys. Upshot is I've got to lower my protein, sodium, potassium, and phosphorous. The wait list for a nutritionist/dietician to work out a meal plan is long, and at the moment not happening. Muddling as best as I can through this one. At least we have the interwebs with some good authoritative info out there.

Thankfully my Internet Service Provider took off the data caps and everyone has unlimited data for the March and April. Hello Netflix and AcornTv!!  Not going stir crazy just yet. :) 

Stay safe everyone.

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  1. Yeah for no internet caps! I'm glad that you are able to stay at home and the stores are restocking! Yuck on the nutritionist stuff though. :(