Saturday, 19 May 2012

Influenza is not a great diet

Since the day after my last post, I've come down with the flu. One week of 102F fever mixed with chills and then a week of congestion, mucus and bronchitis. Thank goodness I had a stock of low-fat low-sodium Campbell's chicken noodle soup, home frozen home-made vegetable soups and some frozen cans of orange juice to get me through the first week. A kind friend stopped by with a casserole and to replenish my supplies of fresh fruit, veggies, and of course tissues and I'm very thankful to her!!! I'm also lucky that the grocery store and pharmacy is only a ten minute walk away.

Needless to say, exercise hasn't been a priority...and I haven't bothered to weigh myself.  But I've been thinking a lot about things and basically have been doing an inner workout. It also helped that Oprah's OWN network had a bunch of shows about weight loss the reasons behind the weight gain. For me food has always been there for me when friends and family haven't been. It's been my coping mechanism for so long, it's taken me a good year to start to change my relationship to food. Keeping on track emotionally is just as challenging as keeping on track with exercise!

I think I'm almost back to 100% flu-free, so as I wrote in my last blog, I'll start my food log on Monday and get in three morning workouts per week.

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