Thursday, 21 March 2013


I’ve been a lazy ass. With most everything else in my life especially paperwork, my attitude has been “Why do it today when I can do it tomorrow?” Time for a change in thinking. I’ve already done a time-management course in the past but this goes deeper than that.

Working with a counsellor has been helpful in determining why I’ve been avoiding doing paperwork and other things on my ‘to-do’ list. For me the big trigger has been stress and anxiety: fears of being judged and doubting myself. Also some relationship and related issues have come up. Solutions proposed: for starters, a strict schedule for sleep and exercise.  Some exercises to change my negative thinking.

Feeling lousy has led to my ass being parked on the couch for a few evenings this past week. I’ve not been exercising as much as I should.  Basic walking and carrying groceries from the store to home is not enough.

Food-wise I’ve done pretty well. Mostly eating clean. A few bites of bread in there, but otherwise I’m surprised I’ve been able to keep on track. I’ve not gained any weight… I've got to stay off the couch!

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