Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Still here

I’ve been taking an Internet break for the past while. Almost two months. I noticed that I’d been spending waaaaaaaaaay too many evening hours on the computer. I’d look up and it’d be 11pm, meaning at least four hours online. Yes at least four. I told myself “I’m doing valuable research by looking up info on nutrition, recipes and exercise” but really, I was fooling myself.  I’d get up from the couch and feel like crap and hobble off to a bad night’s sleep. SO NOT GOOD!  I know I was using the Interwebs  was a way to escape and procrastinate and not get essential  stuff done like exercise, food prep, keeping my place tidy by doing chores, doing my taxes, ect. I lost focus and avoided lots of stuff, including friends. I've now limited myself to one hour max online for personal stuff and no more.

Last month, I started going to counseling sessions to understand what is with the major procrastination and other issues.  I’ve always battled low-level procrastination. But I’m thinking maybe the death of my father stirred up my emotional crap again.  I don’t know yet, but it was and is really affecting my life in a big way. At least I’m figuring it out.

Food intake had not been consistent, i.e. skipping breakfast a lot. Then overeating at suppertime. Also four big cheats in the past two months. One was my birthday, but I think I should be able to have a fancy dessert once a year. However the other three cheats were big dirty fatty high-caloried restaurant cheats.  I know that certain things triggered this and I was eating my emotions big-time.

Regarding exercise, have stuck with doing the morning walk and that’s it. I know I need to do way more to shrink.

As for where I am weight-wise: I went up to 199lbs but now back at 193-195. 

Past couple of weeks have been on point. My focus is back somewhat, but I'm eating clean, moving my fat ass and getting things done.

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