Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ticking items off the list

Got a  bunch of yucky paperwork items off my to-do list, some of them urgent, and it wasn't so bad. So happy to have gotten up off my ass!!! Next week I'm going to start to tackle taxes, oh joy. I'm not leaving it to the last minute.
I've been sick this past week with a cold but I still did some fast-paced walking up and down some hills outside since it's been so nice. Didn't make me feel any worse.  Down a pound this week.
Lately, one thing I did notice food-wise was my portion size on meats and fats was increasing. Am reining that in! I figure I can have all the raw or steamed veggies I want (no white potatoes) but when it comes to avocados, meats and some fruits, like dates, I have to be careful.
Have been lurking around reading other blogs... learning how to be consistent and strong and how not to do things so I don't wind up like a trainwreck and how not to make excuses up the wazoo.


  1. meat avocado nom nom nom nom. I'll take a salad with both right now please. :P