Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Week in review: Fail

This past week has not been good and the scale shows it. Up four pounds. After a week of medical tests and more to go through in May, stress, worry and loneliness have been playing a big factor. My man has been semi-supportive, not sabotaging but not able to be really be there for me.

I over-ate in general over five days, had a cheese and cracker fest and scarfed down a few pastries and chips. Also had some diet soda and a few Gin and Tonics.  Very disappointed at myself that I couldn’t handle things like a normal person but turned to food (and a bit of alcohol) once again for comfort.  Actually, I’m angry at myself! I should know better that food will not solve my problems: it will only create more.

A bunch of people in the blogosphere are doing the Whole 30 beginning in May. I’m hopping on that band wagon. I need a kick in the ass.

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