Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Need Sleep!!

Having a hard time lately turning my brain off at night. Even though I turn off the TV, computer other stimulating devices early, my brain keeps whirring! So many thoughts, worries. Personal and work stuff all mixed together.

Lack of sleep is a big trigger in overeating, for me anyway, and I downed a small box of crackers I was given at work. What was I thinking? I was thinking it was an easy fix. Plus I've been overdoing it on the portion sizes... have to watch that like a hawk this week.

Workout wise I've started to mix it up by doing some weight training DVDs that I bought real  cheap from a going out of business sale.  First up Kelly Coffey Meyer.

Didn't lose anything this past week. I'm not surprised. Anyway here's a song from my favourite insomniac compatriot Dallas Green: Sleeping Sickness by City and Colour

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