Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Joy of reintroducing certain foods after Whole30

The above title is meant as sarcasm. I felt great at the end of my month of Whole30. Eating mostly as nature intended worked wonders for my whole being. Right now, I'm pretty much following the same eating plan as I posted last month. This week I started introducing back some stuff back into my diet... sometimes with disastrous results.

Started with a bit of dairy. A bit of 2% milk in my morning coffee to start and then had some cheese with lunch. Big mistake. Bloating and other nasty stuff followed. I was allergic to milk as a kid and have been sensitive ever since. Over the years I've tried Greek yoghurt and other 'modified milk products' with no success. I'm just going to stay away from dairy as much as possible.

Tried some sugar in the form of an energy bar...meh, everything tastes too sweet now. I looked at my food diary and found that I'm eating too many dates and sunflower seed butter. Will work at reducing that amount. I have to measure out the butter from the jar from now on with an actual tablespoon because I went overboard the other day... wound up having about eight dates and eight spoonfuls of SSButter. Not good!

I guess the worst reaction I had was to bread of all things. My man bought a baguette from the bakery, I had a few slices with supper and later in the evening I was bloated in the extreme, almost two inches of bloat on the waist... so happy it was just gas... and happy that I was not at work!

One of the best decisions was to reintroduce a half-cup of steel-cut oatmeal in the morning. I mixed in a handful of raspberries and had a couple of egg whites scrambled with veggies on the side. Gave me a full feeling until four hours later at lunchtime. I'm not eating oatmeal everyday, for now two to three times a week is enough.

Starting to research more about Primal, Paleo, ect., but I'm certainly trying to keep true to the Whole9 principles.


  1. oh man, that sucks that those things affect you like that. But hey on a plus now you know and won't be tempted to try and bring them back in. :)

  2. I guess I've very fortunate that I can tolerate the small amount of dairy I consume (1 oz. of hard cheese 6 days a week at breakfast, and organic half and half with my cup of decaf.) I've steered completely clear of grains other than a few (breaded onion rings) about once a month, and feel awesome. Keep up the great work!