Wednesday, 3 July 2013


It's another day of smog here in my city and it makes it harder to exercise outside. Sort of like breathing in thick air. This morning, my legs were like lead pipes and I felt like a slow poke turtle plodding along my 30 minute not-so-brisk walk. I was still a sweaty mess by the time I got back to my place. If the air is still bad tomorrow, I'll just workout indoors. My elliptical and the Rebounder are ready and waiting for me :)

Canada Day on Monday was filled with BBQ'd goodness! Chicken, burgers and the crowd favourite: Salmon on a cedar plank. We've been eating delicious left-overs for the past two days. I'm trying to keep portions in control. With the wealth of tasty and fresh veggies and fruit out there, I'm feeling mostly satisfied with my meals these days.

Cravings are still coming and going especially at the grocery store. I keep seeing my trigger foods (Doritos, Cheezy-Poofs and Corn Twists) on sale on entering the store and on the ends of a few aisles. I have to deal with this head-on. I could go to another store, but that is admitting food has conquered me. That the food engineers have me hooked forever.  It has not defeated me and will not.

The following is from the NYTimes article: 'The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food':


  1. Have you tried the baked doritos or baked cheetos? They're actually super good and help satisfy that craving I have!

    1. These kinds of junk foods are triggers for me. Baked, fried or popped, I will always eat the entire bag and it will make me want more... I go into a vicious eating cycle. I feel better avoiding any processed food anyway.

  2. I am so glad that my triggers are not those. I still avoid them though as I know they could still trigger me into my triggers. LOL good job avoiding them!

  3. It's crazy but no matter where I go, I still see trigger foods... even if it's Whole Foods. My cravings come and go, too, and I can really relate to what your saying. I can eat an entire bag of 'good for you' chips, too. I keep healthy snacks around and drink lots of water, most of the time that seems to help.