Friday, 22 November 2013

January Jeans Club 2014

What a great motivator! Thank you to Marion for setting this up and to Satu for the cute badge. This comes at the perfect time. I got the all clear from my doctor -- my medical issue is resolved. (Ladies, your support and kind words  have meant a lot these past few weeks!)

With all the parties coming up, I'm going to do some reading this weekend, mull things over and come up with a plan of attack. I need a strategy that keeps those pounds off and doesn't offend anyone either.

One of the toughest issues is that so many family members and friends equate food with love. Meaning, if you reject the food that has been so lovingly prepared, you are in fact rejecting the person who prepared it. Many feelings have been hurt in the past because of this.

My calendar is starting to get filled with concerts, parties and other get-togethers, including hosting one of those parties. Either New Years Eve or a party sometime between Christmas and New Years. At least with the party we host, my man and I can have some measure of control on what is served to our guests. Looking forward to researching tasty and healthy recipes for a crowd!!


  1. Hi Nikki, Wonderful! So glad you joined! We are *very* successful, you know. And I'm glad you want to be part of that success. :D

    No, you've got to give all of these relatives a big loving hug and ask them to support you! Tell them how much their support will mean to you. Tell them *they* are more important to you than the food. Treat them as special, ask them to help you. If they are hurt after all of that, then they weren't contributing their part in the sympathy. But you must stick to your guns! So easily said, more hard to do, I know. :D

  2. You make a very good point, that rejecting the food a loved one has prepared, then you are rejecting their love. So poignant. You're right though, if you prepare for it, then hopefully it won't be a problem.