Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wednesday Weigh-in and a test of January Jeans

Scale is down a little to 194lbs. Yes down! I'm fighting off all sorts of viruses these days so that has sapped a lot of energy out of me and I'm fighting off the urge to hibernate. I'll be heading to the natural food and vitamin place to get stocked up on a few supplements to help me through the winter.

We've had a huge dump of snow and I've been shoveling for a couple of hours... snow looks lovely, but when push comes to shove, pushing and lifting heavy snow in the cold wind ain't fun. I'm just cranky because I didn't get a chance to get my walk in. I'm sure other snowfalls wont be as bad as this one! (Knock on wood, fingers and toes crossed).

January Jeans Test #1:

Work colleagues have already started bringing in Holiday treats. Store bought cheap-ass industrial chocolate. When I see a stuff like that, I think - IT'S A TRAP! -  and run away. There are about a handful of us who are eating healthier, but everyone else in the office lets loose. 

I feel better when I eat healthy foods.  When I don't, I feel like crap.
I feel better when I exercise. When I don't, I feel like crap.

I need to hold firm and make the healthy choice, which sometimes means just walking away.


  1. Go Nikki!
    Give those 'industrial chocolate' doo-dahs the elbow and look forward to seeing you enjoy wearing those January jeans :-)

  2. It's a Trap! That makes me think of my dog. My husband wanted to name her Admiral Ackbar. (Side note: my husband is an idiot).

    BOO! to the snow! That must be frustrating. I hate shoveling...

  3. TRAP TRAP TRAP!!! Yeah for realizing it! I mean really- if you read the packages half of them say chocolate *flavor*