Friday, 3 January 2014

Quickie after New Year's post

I'm still on the road visiting relatives and there is no scale for me to track my progress right now. My pants don't feel tight if that's any indication :D

The last celebration is this weekend for the Epiphany or the Three Kings Day. Another big meal and special dessert cake is on the agenda.  I'll be back home on Sunday and will weigh-in on Tuesday for the January Jeans pledge.

My New Years Eve and Day were good and filled with laughs. I did indulge, but I did not over-indulge. There was no point especially when the food at the relatives' party wasn't to my taste anyway. (Three varieties of pasta and white bread sandwiches). I did eat a lot of veggies (hold the dip!) had lots of fruit and had some lightly breaded chicken skewers and a few rounds of bruschetta. I had some desserts and could have really gone overboard there, but I know I would have only regretted it.
It is bone-chilling cold here with frostbite alerts for the past few days. -25C/-13F during the day. Much colder at night.  It's so cold outside that my nostrils freeze and can only breathe through my mouth!  Even the snow-man begs me to take him inside at night, ha ha! We expect "warm" weather this weekend. The photo below is by Ryan Remiorz of the Canadian Press showing Ice Fog on the St. Lawrence River.
Exercise strategy while away from home:
- I've been finding shopping malls that open early so I can do some nice, safe, warm walking. There were even some brave ones running, going up and down the stairs and working up a sweat!
- I also went to a gym near my inlaws' place and asked if I could "try out" their facilities for free for a couple of hours.
- Swam a couple of times at the local "Y" and at a hotel that had a heated pool (that felt so good and loosened up my back!)
For those facing these cold temps, bundle up, wear your long-johns and keep moving!

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  1. Wow, your exercise strategy while away is fantastic! That's some real dedication, pat yourself on the back for that one!!