Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Year in Review 2013 and Successful January Jeans Results

Glad to see this year go! Although there have been some nice moments, a few great moments, a large part has been an emotional struggle for me.

Good things:
  • Trying the Whole 30 in May and discovering that way of eating makes me feel better!
  • Using the car only when necessary, not to get groceries or other errands that I can walk to
  • Turning to food less and less for comfort
  • Relationship with my man and our plans for the future
  • My family's support - they are the best! 
Not so good things:
  • Not keeping strict control over portion sizes
  • Not doing the necessary amount of activity to loose weight
  • A sleeping disorder, still dealing with Rice Krispies knees and another health issue
  • Dealing with grief
  • Didn't do my best every day to work towards my goal of health and fitness

January Jeans Results from 22 November 2013 to 7 January 2014
Starting weight 195.5lbs,  current weight is 190.2 lbs = Success!

I knew that the holidays would be a test. Last year, relatives, in-laws and friends treated me with kid gloves as I was fresh with grief. This year, only my own family would be remembering and would be feeling a little sad. It would have been easy to drown those fleeting sorrows in food, but I couldn't let myself do that. 

Also, some relatives equate the food they make with love, and if you reject the food, you are rejecting them. I was able to limit the tears, yes tears!, from some of these relatives by telling them how important my health is to me and that by over-indulging it is actually harmful. Most of the others understood that with the large number of parties, visits to relatives, get-togethers, ect, my man and I were attending that I couldn't eat everything served.

Thanks to Marion and the participants of the January Jeans Club. Your posts and comments have helped to keep my focus  through this crazy busy,  carb-filled minefield of a holiday season!


  1. rice crispy knees? please explain Mine make noises too sometimes so I am curious what causes yours

    1. Mine is crunching noises of the cartilage whenever I go up or down stairs or do exercises like squats and lunges. It's due to a minor foot/knee alignment issue that I've had since birth, so if I'm not careful, there'll be swelling and pain. http://www.med.nyu.edu/content?ChunkIID=22575 Hope yours is not as bad :)

  2. Talk about blitzing the January Jeans thing! Well done Nikki - great stuff.

    Like you, I'm glad 2013 has gone and hope 2014 will be better for you too (and all the best with sleep, knees and that health issue).

    We've both of us still got some dealing with grief to get sorted this year, but it will take time and that is natural so we need to be kind to ourselves. I'm going to buy a small 'pretty' (maybe even sparkly) notebook in which to record my blessings - then I (a) won't forget to do it and (b) can look back at it (and share it with my sister who's struggling too).

    Hugs from the UK.

  3. Glad you lost weight over the holidays. That's amazing! You also stood up to family, which took a lot of gumption on your part, so kudos to you.

    Now on to 2014! You got this. :)

  4. Hi Nikki! You did sooooooo great! That is all about *you* and your commitment to yourself. Your self-love! What an excellent way to start the new year. Love this! :D