Sunday, 30 March 2014

Cleaning Er'thing

Even though Spring is still a long way off here (maybe in June or July the 7 foot snowbank will have melted!) I've made some headway on "Spring cleaning" my life:

-Diet is cleaned up
-Mental health is on its way
-Clothes in the closet are being sorted
-Paperwork is almost all cleaned up
-Leisure time at home is cleaned up as well (limits on Internet, TV/movie watching, shopping online)
-Daily fitness routine is set

I'd already started decluttering earlier this winter. But also letting things, objects, habits and behaviours and whatever else accumulate in my life has not been a good thing. How could it be? It's all made my entire life cluttered and tough to navigate through day to day. Ah, what a little therapy can do to make you realise issues and wake up! 

On relationships, as in friends and acquaintances, this will be the hardest part. Dropping unsupportive friends. Sigh! Most of the people I trust are supportive and have been there for me. But there are three ladies who have in the past six months or so have made snarky comments on my food choices and how I choose to live my life. What I've decided to do is to speak to the three who seem to put me down the most and basically present them with an ultimatum. I could just let people like these fade away, but in this case, I've decided to get some courage and face them head-on. I thought that inherently these are good people at their core, so I'll give them a chance to see my side of things. It's like with a band-aid, you know you either slowly peel it off or just rip it off! LOL

So basically: I'm changing the things I can to improve my life in every way.

With part of my daily hour of personal Internet time, which has been a difficult challenge!, I've been going through Zen Habit's Archives to get a different view on things:


  1. Good job! I hope your three ladies prove themselves to be ladies, and understand. :)

  2. Hi Nikki, You'd be surprised at how amazing it is to have only supportive friends. I used to have friends who treated me poorly, but I no longer do. I choose my friends less on looks and more on love, and I have the best friends ever now!!! And it feels great because my friends really want the best for me. So I'm glad you're doing this. :-)