Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Unplugging (sort of) and Weigh-in

I'm finding that I'm spending too much time on Twitter and Facebook.  There are some programs that you can install, but I decided to keep track with a timer on my watch, pencil and paper.  After tracking of all the minutes, tallying everything up, and result is the total personal Internet time is getting to be way too much. I'm ashamed to admit it but it's 18.4 hours per week.

That's a lot of time escaping from stuff I should be doing at home. Yep procrastinating! Stuff like clearing up my paperwork. I'm still trying to get my financial records in chronological order. A big pile just wont cut it. Even if it's  now all in one place.  I also feel tired/drained after being online sometimes, like my energy has been sucked dry. Likely I'd feel better if I exercised or did some productive activity in the evenings instead.

Plan for the next month:
    •    One hour per day maximum personal Internet time
    •    Allowed: Visiting educational or informative websites that will help improve my life
    •    Allowed: Blog reading the weight-loss blogs I follow, commenting, posting
    •    Allowed: Sending/receiving e-mail
    •    No Twitter or Facebook (except for replying to direct messages)
    •    No Chat
    •    No trashy news or gossipy sites like TMZ or CDAN
    •    No YouTube

Doing well on eating and staying on plan. Exercise, other than keeping my morning commitment to walking, it's clear I'm not getting in enough. I do meditate, yoga, or T'ai Chi in the evenings before bed, but I think with organising my time differently, I will either hop on the elliptical or pop in an exercise or strength training DVD before supper.
Weight: 192.1 lbs.


  1. That sounds like a really good plan. I always have hopes that I will be able to better manage my internet time, but then fail miserably. I need to get better at it too!

  2. you my dear are a a a a a a umm I dunno. LOL I spend WAY to much time on the computer and I know it. You are a brave soul. There that works. LOL

  3. What a great plan, I don't think I could do it lol :) Good job on staying on plan!

  4. Thanks for the support ladies! I'm not going to lie: this is TOUGH!!!