Thursday, 17 April 2014

On the Road for Easter and Weighing-in

It's Easter and there are relatives to visit, so we're hitting the road. The challenge is not giving into temptations or guilt-trips! 

Like I've mentioned before in posts around the Christmas holidays, most of my relatives equate food with love. Since I've been eating healthier for a while now, most are well aware of what types of food I'll eat and which I won't. I shouldn't complain too much as most of the meals served these days are relatively healthy. Salad, some sort of roast beef, turkey or ham with veggies.

It'll be interesting to see if this year they try some subtle or overt sabotage. 
My Mother, for example, while making a lot of changes over the years, still sometimes will fall back into old habits too, like buying chips and Hawkins Cheezies "for anyone who wants any" but it's an excuse. She admits really wants them for herself. It's my choice whether or not to give in.

I've been making the right choices lately and it's showing on the scale. Walking, walking, and more walking as much as this crazy weather permits. One day beautiful, two days icy-cold and snow; two days rainy, one day warm. Gah!  

Food-wise: no excess portions, limiting salt and sugar.

Weight on Wednesday morning: 187.1 lbs

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  1. Family dynamics are some of the hardest to maneuver, as far as meals and weight and things!! I know I'm going to get not so subtle comments about my weight on Easter because I'm the only one in my extended family that isn't overweight!