Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sticking to Plan and Weighing-In

Through Easter and for the most part of the week, I've been sticking to plan. Normal portions, getting enough protein, limiting sugar and salt and for activity walking, stretching and some strength training. I'm feeling good and clothes are a little looser in some spots.

After work, which has been a biatch lately, I do really feel like just getting home as fast as possible, grabbing a quick supper and curling up on the sofa and watching TV or going on the Internet for the whole evening. Instead of succumbing, I'm fighting against this!  

I walk part of the way home, stop to do groceries, prepare a veggie-filled supper with a lean protein and then take a full 30 minutes to relax by eating my meal slowly. Savouring the bites rather than inhaling the the meal down in five to ten minutes. I find this tip from my counsellor has helped me in the past few weeks. Just slowing things down and appreciating what I have. With cleaning my routines and bad habits, things just seem to be on the right track!

Weight: 185.6 lbs 


  1. mostly? You naughty girl! (Referring to the comment you left me LOL) I am being good! A gf from HS happened to message me tonight seeing if I want to read and review her book for free. It goes live on Amazon on Friday. I told her I would love to and it is all loaded in my kindle but I am not starting it. I told her how funny it was she contacted me today as I just blogged about my reading and not being able to put a book down. PS. Peeps are evil.

    1. That's pretty ironic that she'd contact you right now! I'm sure you'll do a great job reviewing the book.

  2. Slowing down while eating was a big lesson learned from my therapy... I need to ACTUALLY enjoy every bite to feel satiated. If I shovel it down, I'm left missing that feeling of satiation and eat more.

  3. I need to slow my meals down. I'm hardly finished my bite and eating the next. Thanks for sharing the tip!