Monday, 3 September 2012

Facing facts

I've been lacking in consistent exercise and not eating a proper breakfast. That's why in six months, I've not slimmed down as much as I want. Truthfully I've not yet been able to make these a habit. Working out two times a week is not enough to lose the amount of weight I want. And picking up a bagel or "healthy bran" muffin from the cafeteria at work is not breakfast. Skipping brekkie altogether is definitely not the wisest choice either. I'm doing well with snacks lunches and suppers.

At least I'm not fooling myself by saying I've hit a plateau. I'm not looking for a quick solution like meal replacements like Slim Fast, Body by Vi or jumping on some crazy diet bandwagon every other week, and then crying boo-hoo-hoo about how the diets don't work.

I've got other things to cry about... and that is the state of my relationship with my man. I've started to speak with a professional about this. Not because of any abuse issue, but I need someone to help me sort out my emotions and only then will I make the decision to stay or bail.

I commit to getting a decent nutritious breakfast everyday.
I commit to moving my body for an hour each day.
I commit to working out six days a week.

These are things I know I can do. I have to for the sake of my health: my body and mind.

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