Saturday, 15 September 2012

Struggling with T.O.M.

I've needed so much sleep this week it's actually affected my job. I did have to call in to work a few times saying I'd be late. Trying to get workouts in and dealing with crazy lady hormones, well the upshot is I've been averaging 10 to 12 hours sleep a night.  A couple of evenings I went to bed early at 8pm!!

Cravings have been super-strong too, but I did count my calories to track my cheats. That Dairy Milk Hazelnut chocolate bar, that half the fat lemon ice cream and big dirty muffin didn't eat themselves, so I take full responsibility for it. I wrote down how much each cost me and am working off those extra calories.

I wish I could go back on the pill to regulate this, but since my main man and I will be trying to get pregnant in the next year, any sort of drugs are a no-go. A friend suggested that I see a Naturopath but I'd like to see if weight loss helps calm the symptoms.

One little craving I had one morning was for eggs and avocado. I'd never combined these two things and was surprised at how tasty this was... only remembered after eating it that I should have taken a picture. D'oh!

Pre-heat toaster oven to 375F. 
Halve an avocado. Place on aluminum foil. Roll ends of foil to make a bowl shape. 
Crack egg into avocado pit hole. Some of the whites will run. 
Salt and pepper. I used a sprinkling of Cayenne pepper. 
Place in oven for about 20 minutes or until the egg is cooked how you like it. 

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