Monday, 8 October 2012

Full of turkey :)

Thanksgiving at my folks was filled with turkey, stuffing, veggies and apple pie with lactose-free ice cream. It was  great and I don't really give a hoot about counting calories on this particular meal. Honestly it was about as healthy as it can get with my mom.  But I did watch my portion sizes on everything!!

It was a great visit the family and there wasn't much that tempted me to stray off plan.  I was even able to get everyone out for a walk every day but then the weather cooperated too.

Otherwise.... the state of my relationship has still been affecting my eating patterns, but less this past week. I think I'm getting tired of turning to food all the time. Lessons are sinking in.  I've started back with my artwork and other diversions so the opportunities to overeat aren't as easy.

Still having a hard time making exercise a habit!!! Argghhh! I'm consistent with three days a week. BUT it's just not enough for me to slim down. I'm maintaining. I've been hitting the Snooze on my alarm and sleeping in until 7:30am, instead of waking up an hour earlier and getting that workout in. The goal this week is to get four workouts in. Just four. Taking baby steps.

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