Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Visit to the Clinic and Weigh-In

Regular check-ups are pretty important especially if you're trying to get healthy. I don't have a family physician who knows me and or my history, so I have to take charge of my health. 

Even though I live in a large city, I can't find a family doctor who takes new patients. However, there are more specialists around than you can shake a stick at!! Unless you have a serious condition that requires monitoring (like high blood pressure or Type II Diabetes) it's difficult to get a family doctor. Of course you can go to a clinic and see Dr. X or Y and get your problem you have treated, but preventative medicine or a talk about how life is going has no place in a busy impersonal clinic. But that is the kind of healthcare I face. More than one of us has had to be proactive and I've become my own (albeit unwilling) expert on my health. I ask for copies of all my test results as it happens medical records seem to get lost a lot in these parts. I also do my research to know what tests I should be pushing for and when. 

Anyway the upshot of this past visit is that my overall health is improving. Blood pressure a little high (probably a bit of white coat syndrome), cholesterol is good but could be better, thyroid is fine and still not diabetic. 

Weight this morning is 193lbs. Been bouncing all week between 190 and 198. Food-wise, I made two stupid choices of the starchy carb variety... aka fries and potato chips. Duh, why did I do that? Sigh, the eternal struggle to understand the reason behind the choices I make.

It's been an unusually busy/hectic week with overtime at work, house repairs, house guests, appointments and add in cleaning, cooking and laundry...  the evenings have not been my own. I tried to take walks when I could during the day, but that it is not enough to get slim and trim. I'll do better next week.

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