Saturday, 5 October 2013

Flinging the Scale out the Window!

I've written a couple of times about my scale. It's an old-fashioned dial scale I bought in the early 2000s. About a year and a half ago, I wrote this about my scale being wonky. Ever since, I've used a pile of hand weights to recalibrate it probably about once a month. I usually weigh myself every other day.

At yesterday's visit to the doctor's, I had an official weigh-in. I was shocked  at the number. This morning, I went to a local gym to use their scale to compare the numbers: Pretty much the same, just a pound off. My scale at home is wonky and evidently the recalibrating doesn't work anymore. There is over a ten pound difference... meaning I weight 12lbs MORE than I thought. That's right 12!!! 

My man also checked his weight and he was 20lbs more than he thought. That is a big blow for him... he is finally starting to think about getting onboard with a healthier lifestyle. We went right out to the store and bought a new scale. 

My OLD scale results:

(There is a crack on the glass there when I threw it out the window. Didn't seem to make any difference to how it works, ha ha! )

NEW scale results:
I'm more angry at myself than sad. How dumb to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich. Lately, I've been feeling more puffy and slow since my last visit to the doctor's in early June.

Scale or no scale, I should have paid attention to what my body was trying to tell me.

I admit I have been coasting along over the summer, since June, and my vacation was certainly far from active. Since then there have been a few bumps in the road especially with the two weeks of conferences. I could throw myself a pity party and boo-hoo and whine but I'd rather just channel my anger in a positive direction and get this weight off!

The Food Plan:
Pretty much as I've been doing, 90% paleo/primal, but cracking down in a few key areas.
  1. Daily weigh-ins on NEW digital scale and a weekly weigh-in posted on blog to keep accountable.
  2. Write down every single thing that goes in mouth in food journal and tabulate calories.
  3. Measuring all food that goes in mouth! Strict portion control especially on fats.
  4. No natural almonds or any packaged "clean" snacks like LaraBars for the next couple of months.
  5. Keeping away from all processed food and dairy. 
Since the seasons are changing, I had already started with making meals in advance and sticking them in the freezer. A variety of soups and a big batch of Moroccan-style stew.

The Exercise Plan
Thinking back since the start of summer, I haven't making the most of my days. On average I've been working out three out of five weekdays. Weekends have been hit and miss. Time for that to change.

Weekdays: If I can get a longer lunch-time, I will try for at least a 20 minute walk.  Since I cannot seem to get my ass out of bed in the morning, weekday activity is going to happen between quitting time and 10pm. 
  1. Weight training (at least 30 mins., on my own or following DVDs)
  2. Cardio (at least 20 mins. on the Elliptical)
  3. Walking (at least one hour after work)
Weekends: one day will be a rest day, the other day must have 2 of the 3 workouts above. As an option, I'm also throwing in 30 minutes of Pilates or Yoga a few times a week... gotta keep my flexibility.

So now that the old scale has been tossed, I have no excuse for progress in the coming months. I have the right tools, I have the knowledge: no reason not to loose this weight and get fit!


  1. Awww sorry for the slap in the face. :( Hopefully the sting is gone now. If it helps I would be thrilled to be where you are. :P

  2. Still under 200--that's nice at least. :D