Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Not Losing Control

Tonight I'm thinking about eating even when I know I'm full.  At least this time I'm taking time to think about how I'd feel if I actually opened the fridge or pantry and ate something.  My old habit would be to stuff my face without a second thought.

It's strange though because I had a great supper of bison steak wrapped in a strip of organic bacon and a huge pile of green beans and I've been eating well all the live long day. There's no real physical reason to actually eat anything else.  I've been getting my walks and cardio/weights every day this week and one yoga session to especially stretch out my back and feeling pretty good.

My food journal on My Fitness Pal has tabulated that I'm at 1525 cals for the day, so that's a reason not to eat anything else... I'll take it!

Headed for a quick shower and then hitting the hay :)

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