Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hodge-podge of Miscellany and Weigh-In

I've been quiet lately, just trucking along as usual, reading blogs (but not commenting too much) and thinking about things.

Finished reading The Diet Fix by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff and the upshot is:  it's just okay.  If you can find a copy on sale or at the library, I'd say it's worth a read. I found a lot of good common sense tips and strategies, things I already knew, such as logging all your food in a diary and count those calories!  A good quote is "The more weight you want to permanently lose, the more of your lifestyle you're going to have to permanently change" Very True!   But... he is okay with sugar substitutes like Splenda. For myself anyway, I find that sugar or substitutes makes me crave sugary sweet stuff all the more. And I try and keep away from processed man-made franken-foods like Splenda. (Natural, organic as much as possible works well for me.) He did not address stress/emotional eating in any meaningful way or food intolerances. Maybe saving it for another book?

On the medical front, I've had some news (not bad news, really) that I've been processing and discussing with my man. I'll be taking some meds. Have to. The doctor said some of the side effects will include fatigue.  At this point, I can't imagine being any more fatigued. This past week, my sleeping has been about five to six hours per night mainly because I can't seem to relax, stop thinking and let go. Hoping it's just a blip. I started taking a warm bath, with a few lavender drops, before bed the night before last and it seemed to help.

Been eating on track for the most part, a couple of chocolate cheats this week. I don't regret it. High quality indulgences that I didn't want to pass up. I wasn't acting out of stress or any other emotion. Nor did I chow down on a whole box! 

Exercise could always be better but I've been walking every day and stretching in some way every night. A gym membership is on the horizon. My man has said he'd join with me too. A nice step in the right direction :) With hot summer days around the corner, I won't want to be outside when it's hot, hazy, humid and smoggy. Besides I need to start using heavier dumbells. These 5lb ones I have are no longer a challenge.

Weight: 181.3 lbs   A number that is still going down :)


  1. As I'm working through reading "The Diet Fix," I feel the same way, he doesn't really address emotional eating. Again, like you, they can't spill it all in one book!?

    Have you ever tried Counting Sheep Coffee? I saw it on Dragon's Den. It's a Canadian Company and it's decaf coffee you drink at night that has a natural ingredient, valerian root, that helps you sleep. My husband got the extra strength stuff and it really helps him fall asleep at night. It's the "Lights Out" one. Here's a link: You can buy it at bed, bath and beyond. :)

    1. Agreed!!

      I can't take valerian root right now (might affect the meds) but I have in the past. I'll keep my eye out for that company because my man can be a bit of a tosser and turner :)

  2. Just found your blog & I'll be working my way back thru it...
    But may I ask what medication??? I've been on several different AD's over my yrs of struggle w/chronic depression, side effects have all been more miserable than disease! So nowadays I concentrate on "improved" nutrition (no claims of perfection - not even close yet ;-) & bursts of exercise when I dredge up the motivation...

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm not comfortable in discussing my medical details on my blog, but have discussed the impacts of certain elements of it. But no, not anti-depressants. Sounds like the medication you are on really wreaks havoc.