Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Good Night's Sleep and Weigh-In Wednesday

The weather here has been hot, then cold, then rainy, the, warm then muggy. Basically all over the place. Didn't stop me from walking though.  I find with this medication I'm on, fatigue definitely sets in during the late afternoon. If I want to do any exercise that takes energy, it's got to be in the morning. And I'm such morning person! not.  

But I've got to do this. Not fail again. Even if it means getting up earlier, I've got to put my health as a priority. So far during the work week, 4 out of 5 morning brisk walks. And 3 quickie noon walks. Super-long weekend walks or hikes are definitely not first thing in the morning, but I got it done both days.  Still stretching every evening.

Sleep has been good, surprisingly so! I've added a warm bath before bed and that really seems to help me mentally unwind. One particularly hot and sticky night, I slept on the pull-out in the basement. I'm too cheap to keep the air conditioner running all the time :)

Food-wise, there have been moments of temptation: vending machines, free samples of organic dark chocolate at the grocery, chips at a party. I was able to resist. Thing is, I knew after having a bite of any of it,  I'd use it as an excuse to keep on eating and eating.  Reason being I've been stressing over some controlling mother-in-law stuff.  Think a carbon copy of Marie Barone from the sit-com Everybody Loves Raymond. 

Weight this week, a teensy bit lower than last week: 181.1lbs


  1. Sorry about the MIL problems, weather, your meds. :(

    but it sounds like you are doing an admirable job despite all of that!

  2. Thanks! It's getting easier and easier not turning to food to ease troubles.