Friday, 6 June 2014

Summer Clothes

A few weeks ago, I tried on a bunch of summer clothes that I had stored away from last year. Nothing is tight on me. Hooray!  Some pants and shorts are too loose in the hip and thigh, but can be belted so they are saved for now. Two pairs of low-rise shorts are way too loose and just can't be worn anywhere. Falling off my ass is not a good look.  Some of the tops are also looking shabby. So I've been clothes shopping. I don't mind it because I can usually find clothes that fit... eventually... but sometimes it's tough for this fat girl. It gets easier every season when I'm a bit smaller than the season before :) 

Trying everything on takes a while. I'll try on twenty items and only purchase one or two. I figure if it doesn't fit perfectly and isn't flattering, why waste money on it?  I used to think it fits, so it'll do. Not anymore. Even if something fits, it can make you look 20lbs bigger if it's a tent.

I've picked up a couple of nice skirts and one new top so far. From the thrift shop of all places!  This weekend, I'll be hitting the stores again.

One little problem I'm having is trying to find a nice comfortable light-weight summer jean. Most of the ones that fit my curves have 10 to 30% polyester along with cotton. Yep polyester, the enemy of the chubby girl in the hot summer heat. Gives a new definition to "hot pants"!

Since my man is away this weekend, I'll be doing a blitz with a friend on Saturday and on my own for the rest of the stores on Sunday. Lots of walking in the malls and the big box stores. Must remember to bring my big bottle of water this time! On the menu for lunch, a restaurant with lots of healthy options. The menu is online so I've already made my choice: Baby kale salad with cucumber, tomato and avocado, a bit of crumbled bacon, a bit of goat cheese topped with grilled chicken. I'm skipping the dressing and will ask for a lemon instead. Planning in advance is setting myself up for success, not restaurant failure!


  1. Fresh lemon on salad is SOOO good. Great NSV's, too!

  2. I was never a fan of creamy goo dressing and lemon, limes or vinegars make salads sing!