Monday, 10 December 2012

Back up to 200

A seven pound gain and I'm feeling every pound of it. So sluggish and aching tonight. I've turned to food for comfort this past week and it feels just awful. 

Why do I keep doing this to myself? I thought I was doing reasonably well, considering the grief I feel every day, but those little cheats through the week, the lasagna, chocolate, handfuls of chips and popcorn have all stuck to me like glue. 

I've got to get out and get some fresh air and do some power walking even though the weather sucks the big one right now. That is the only kind of exercise besides yoga I can tolerate right now. 

Also the state of my home is starting to reflect the state of my mind too = a mess! 

Have to take this one day at a time... 

Plan for tomorrow: 
- Clean-up house 
- Finish laundry 
- 30 mins walk 
- Eat clean

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