Thursday, 20 December 2012

Numbers going down

And this is a good sign... 4 lbs down. I still feel sluggish, but that is likely more mental and also fighting off a cold. I need to start taking care of myself. I've let my hair go wild, as is my body and my house. I made an appointment at the hairdresser's and I'm hoping this will help me see myself in a better light when I look in the mirror. I cleaned my kitchen spotless however I still have the rest of the house to do. Big sigh.

I spent part of the last few evenings shoveling snow from my long driveway. A bit more snow falls every day here. Shoveling is good exercise and I usually sweat like a pig with all the squats I do picking up snow with my shovel. Being outdoors is like a tonic, a good gin one. My lungs are head clear as I'm just focused on getting the snow off the driveway and I'm conscious of my body movements, being very careful not to overload or twist in the wrong way. Feels good.

I'm trying take simple steps to get my life back and not to let my mind drift into grief too often.

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