Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Day 14 of Whole30

2 Nori rolls with salmon and avocado and shaved cucumber and carrot

Hamburger patty
1/2 Sweet potato
1 cup Spinach

3 Dates
1/3 cup Coffee

Coconut shrimp
Didn't burn them to a crisp this time!
Cucumber and apple salad
1 small white potato

So I caved in and ate a baked potato with Ghee with green onions... felt great and was very tasty and filled my cravings. Not planning a repeat. I plan to stick with the Whole30 until the end of the month but I am finding it long.  I'm still having intestinal issues that I thought would have resolved themselves, but haven't. I never had similar problems before. I'm not really feeling super-energised so I think I might revise my menus. Except for being a bit more alert overall, honestly,  I'm not feeling what is described here: Whole30 Timeline I wish I did. I hope I will.

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