Friday, 3 May 2013

Day 2 of Whole30

1 egg with mushrooms
1/4 large sweet potato

Was running late so had a quick meal. Forgot chicken breast for lunch in fridge... d'oh!

Coffee with coconut milk

Salad with egg and 1 slice bacon
1/4 large sweet potato
6 small meatballs
1 date

Hungry at about 4pm. Had some organic ginger green tea.

Chicken breast with mediterranean spices
Wilted kale
Cherry tomatoes

2 dates with 1 tbsp of sunflower seed butter and 3 walnuts

Since I used to "graze" all day, I'm getting used to the new feelings in my stomach... trying to differentiate between stomach actually working to digest food and the nagging of hunger. I figure after about 3-4 hours, then it's hunger, pretty simple. Had a bit of a sinus headache, pain under cheekbone and under the eyebrow, so that's probably allergies to pollen, mold and dust which as flying around like crazy here. Otherwise so far so good :)

PS I don't like to do any internet stuff on the weekends so I'll be retro-posting on Monday.

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